Dana White Speaks Out About USADA Break-Up In New Interview

Dana White’s latest interview was more about his interest in bull-riding than MMA, but he did find time to speak about the UFC’s acrimonious break-up with USADA.

“I summed it up yesterday in one word: scumbag,” White told reporters at a PBR event. “Listen, it is what it is; they did what they did,” White told the media. “Think about this: they are in a business where they are looking to bring other sports leagues in. They were with us for eight years. We helped put them on the map; they helped us build an incredible program. This is how you’re going to end your relationship with us? Who else would want to do business with these guys after that? Not me. It doesn’t matter to me; we’re moving on, and good luck to them.”

White then compared USADA’s CEO Travis Tygart to a famous pop star who has been in the news recently.

“Listen, this guy went full Britney Spears and lost his mind. Get ready; you’re probably going to see this guy on Instagram dancing with knives in the next two weeks or something. He went nuts and lost his mind. It is what it is. Whatever.”

Watch White’s full interview below.

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