Daniel Teymur Defeats Sung Bin Jo By Decision At UFC Fight Night 153

Daniel Teymur finally got his first win in four attempts in the UFC tonight at UFC Fight Night 153 with a unanimous decision victory over Sung Bin Jo.

Round One:

Teymur misses with an early leg kick. Jo pumps out the jab. Inside leg kick for Teymur. Now he loads up on a big hook and it sends Jo back on his heels and he then follows up with a swarm of strikes.

Jo survives though and moves away. Teymur clinching up now and attempts a takedown, but it doesn’t pay off and Jo gets back to the center of the Octagon.

Teymur winning big punches, but misses. Jo throws a big knee and then misses with a spinning kick. Teymur barrels in and lands a takedown.

Teymur looking to work on top, but Jo is looking to set up an armbar and then an arm triangle, but he’s able to escape both.

Teymur postures up and lands a couple of big blows. Now Jo is able to reverse the position and stands back up, before landing a big knee to the head.

Overhand right for Jo, but then a punch in return from Teymur lands and then he clinches against the cage. Big hooks from Teymur before they break apart, and that’s the last meaningful action of the round.

Round Two:

Jo the taller, longer fighter here, but he wasn’t particularly utilizing it in the first round. He does land a straight right though. Now a left head kick from Jo.

Leg kick for Jo and a counter punch from Teymur. Leg kick for Jo. Teymur misses with punches and Jo counters with a knee upstairs to the head.

Body kick for Jo. Leg kick for Teymur. Another body kick from Jo. They get into the clinch and Jo lands a knee to the body before the separate.

Leg kick for Teymur. Jumping knee strike lands to the head from Jo.


Round Three:

Leg kick for Teymur. Jo still very cautious. jab for Jo. another leg kick for Teymur. Jo bursts into a takedown attempt, but doesn’t get it.

Temyur with a blow and Jo seemed to slip. Now Teymur into a takedown attempt, but doesn’t fully get Jo down.

Leg kicks for Teymur. Another takedown attempt from Jo fails and Teymur reactively goes for one of his own and settles in his guard.

Two minutes left. Jo uses the cage to wall walk and then tries for a kneebar, but Teymur gets out, thinks about a leg lock of his own and then they get back upright.

Overhand right for Teymur lands flush. He presses him against the cage. Now Teymur trying for a takedown. He doesn’t get it but lands a clubbing right hook.

Missed head kick from Jo. Straight right for Jo. Overhand right from Teymur just glances his opponent. Now a leg kick. One-two for Jo. He’s getting a bit more active now, but too little, too late.


No doubt about the winner here. Jo just didn’t show up, while Teymur showed some extra wrinkles to his game with some takedown attempts along with being the more active fighter on the feet to earn a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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