Darren Elkins Beats Darrick Minner By TKO At UFC On ESPN 27

Darren Elkins took another beating at times tonight at UFC On ESPN 27, yet still managed to emerge victorious against Darrick Minner as he survived multiple submission attempts, then got on top as his opponent began to tire and dished out big damage of his own to secure a ground and pound TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Minner misses with a leg kick to start. Winging punches miss too, but then a brief clinch-up and he lands a knee to the body.

Leg kick for Minner, but a left hook counter from Elkins in return. Strikes from Minner and elkins barrels forward anyway looking for a takedown, but Minner works a guillotine choke.

Elkins continues driving into a takedown attempt and gets it, but Minner is immediately threatening with a choke from his back.

Elkins gets free of that nicely. Minner now switching to a triangle choke and seems to have it in tight, but again Elkins shows his veteran skills to escape and continue trying to wear on his opponent.

Minner able to work his way on top though. He’s looking for a guillotine, but Elkins defending well each time he does so. Good elbow from Minner. He’s landing some heavy ground and pound elbow and punches, and ‘The Damage’ is starting to wear it on the face here in the first round.

Elkins able to escape and Minner settles into full guard and gets a bit of a breather in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Minner into an early takedown after an uppercut and has Elkins down quickly in this second round.

Elkins fishing for a guillotine attempt and gets it, but Minner rolls and escapes that to stay on top.

Minner works a guillotine and commits to it, but then realizes it’s not quite happening and readjusts to stay on top again.

Minner starting to tire though and now Elkins gets on top and from half-guard he starts to land repeated unanswered blows to the head.

Elkins has turned the tide here in this second round and Minner’s will to fight is dissolving before our eyes as he continues to eat more punches.

Now Elkins manages to trap one of Minner’s arms and continues to beat him up. Minner going completely into a defensive shell now and the ref perhaps gives him more time than he should have before finally stepping in to wave off the fight, handing Elkins a hard-earned TKO victory at 3.48mins of the second round.

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