Darren Elkins Defeats Michael Johnson By Submission At UFC Fight Night 124

Darren Elkins survived a tough first round against Michael Johnson tonight at UFC Fight Night 124 and then turned the screw by getting his opponent to the mat and submitting him with a rear-naked choke.

Round One:

Early body kick for Johnson. Another lands for Johnson and then stufs a potential takedown attempt from Elkins.

Elkins in close and Johnson threatening with punches there. Elkins again in a takedown attempt and not only doesn’t get it, but Johnson nearly clocks him with an uppercut.

Body kick attempt from Elkins, but he knocks himself off-balance in the process and staggers backwards. Elkins having real trouble with Johnson’s punches and one catches him cleanly and visibly hurts him.

Johnson repeatedly stuffing Elkins takedowns. Now he lands a crips left hand. Another lands. Elkins with blood smearing his face and only half of the first round complete.

Elkins with a brief combination of his own. He tries for a head kick and it whistles past his opponent’s head. Eslkins moving around on the outside. Left hand for Johnson. Elkins in and gets caught with a three-piece combo. There’s a clear striking advantage to Johnson here, helped by the fact he’s also shut down Elkins attempts to get the fight to the mat.

Round Two:

Body kick for Elkins as they exchange in close. Johnson tries for a kick of his own and Elkins catches it and takes him to the mat at last. Good start to the round for him.

Elkins in half-guard and looking to rough Johnson up with some ground and pound. Johnson suddenly scrambles and finds himself some room, but Elkins quickly takes his back and pulls him down on top of him.

Elkins working for a rear-naked choke now. He lands a few punches to soften him up and then sinks in the choke and though Johnson tries to fight it off there’s nothing he can do and he’s forced to tap 2.22mins into the second round!

Another great comeback for Elkins then after being outclassed in the opening round, and that extends his unbeaten record to six fights.

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