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Darren Elkins Edges Past Dennis Bermudez By Split Decision At UFC On FOX 25

Darrken Elkins extended his winning streak to four fights tonight at UFC On FOX 25 by narrowly beating out Dennis Bermudez on the scorecards via split decision.

Round One:

Bermudez with a jumping knee to the start. Bermudez tries a head kick attempt too that doesn’t quite land, but a leg kick afterwards does.

In close Elkins with a clipping punch. Bermudez misses with a left, but lands a right. Bermudez with another leg kick. Now a solid punch.

left hook for Elkins. Another big low kick from Bermudez and Elkins clearly felt that one. Bermudez with a head kick attempt, but slips and Elkins is on him straight away on the mat.

Bermudez manages to stand, but Elkins is still clinched up in the body lock. Elkins drags him down, but Bermudez pops up immediately.

Elkins pulls his opponent down again, and again Bermudez stands. Elkins continues to work, but Bermudez manages to get free.

Bermudez misses with a superman punch attempt. Bermudez comes in with an overhand and Elkins slips that and again takes his back and drags him to the mat.

Elkins takes Bermudez back and gets the body lock. With a minute to go Bermudez manages to stand and then breaks free, aiming an elbow at Elkins as he does so.

Elkins drives Bermudez to the cage, hoists him up thumps him to the mat. Bermudez stands and now it’s his turn to drive his opponent to the cage.

Bermudez flashes out a couple of punches and then looks for the takedown. Elkins stuffs that and goes for a choke as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Left hook for Bermudez and then he works to the body as well. He’s moving in on a takedown attempt, but Elkins is able to get away.

Elkins with a right and a left hook as Bermudez moves in. jab for Mermudez. Right hand for Elkins. Bermudez wings on a hook, but lands a knee to the body.

Another knee to the body from Bermudez in close. Elkins gets the body lock. Bermudez reverses against the cage. They jockey for position and Bermudez moves away with a spinning backfist attempt.

Nice combo from Bermudez. He steps away from an Elkins takedown. Another takedown from Elkins fail. Now it’s Bermudez turn and he lands it well with half the round remaining to work.

Elkins with his back to the cage and is able to stand. Bermudez remains pressing him to the cage. Elkins lands a knee upstairs. Right hook for Bermudez. Elkins reverse the clinch. They are both battling for position here and Bermudez lands a right hook as he takes control again.

Back to striking range for a moment and Bermudez goes back into the double-leg attempt as Elkins looks for a potential guillotine choke.

Elkins tries for that choke again and lands a couple of solid knees in the process. Bermudez onto his knees. He tries to stand and Elkins gets the back clinch. Elkins hoisting his opponent up and puts him to the mat. Bermudez up to his feet and trying for his own takedown. He appears to slip and falls, allowing Elkins to get on him as the round ends.

Round Three:

Nice low kick from Bermudez. Body kick for Elkins. Knee for Bermudez. Another knee to the body lands for Bermudez as elkins tries for punches.

Bermudez into the clinch against the cage. He lands right hand to the body and then they separate. Elkins with a push kick. He lands a left hook.

Bermudez with a straight right. Another right for Bermudez and then to the body. left hand connects and then he almost bundles Elkins over.

Elkins into the takedown against the cage now. Bermudez reverses the cage clinch. he lands a few left hands in close and a knee to the body.

Back to striking range they go. Bermudez stalking Elkins, but eats a hook. Bermudez with a good right hands and a kick. Now another solid right.

He moves into the clinch, but Elkins reverses the position and lands a knee before they separate.

left hook for Elkins. Overhand mises from Bermudez. Elkins slips on a head kick attempt, but gets right back up. Bermudez into the clinch again. He lands a coule of punches and a knee inside.

Elkins gets away. Bermudez still marching forward and lands a couple of solid punches, but Elkins counters with a head kick.

Bermudez continuing to stay busy though and let his hands fly. Elkins commits fully to a final takedown, but Bermudez does a good job to stay upright there.


Very close fight then and that’s reflected in the judges scorecards, with Elkins emerging with a split decision victory (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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