Darren Till Dismisses Uriah Hall’s Claims He’s Scared To Fight Him

UFC middleweight star Darren Till has fired back after Uriah Hall angrily claimed that the UK star is scared to fight him.

“I wanted Darren Till, but he’s just being a punk ass b*tch,” Hall had told The Schmo recently. “I don’t know what happened, or if he’s playing the UFC or what not, but he’s the guy that makes sense.

“I wanted him, but I think he’s just scared. I think he’s really scared, either that, or he’s injured or some sh*t. He’s always making excuses. That’s how I look at him, he talks smack but I know when I stand in front of him he’s gonna be quiet. So I know I can beat him, I just know I can beat him. He’s short, he sucks, he’s ugly and I just know I can kick his ass.”

Hall is now scheduled to fight Andre Muniz instead at UFC Fight Night 206 in April, while Till remains without an opponent, but the UK fighter has brushed aside his rival’s claims that he is intimidated by him and indicated there’s a very real chance they could fight in the future.

“@UriahHallMMA brother brother brother, you just did a interview saying I am scared of you? I jumped up to middleweight and straight off the bat fought 2 of the best middleweights there is in gastelum & Whittaker,” Till wrote on Twitter. “I have never turned a fight down at WW or MW.

“When I return you’ll get ur shot, I’ll be returning 100% not 50% so stay prepared… what’s wrong with me talking smack? I’ve always talked smack & always backed it up by fighting the best,
If you want to fight just literally DM me & we can set it up.

“I have always DM’d all past opponents. Marvin, derek, Whittaker, gastelum, masvidal, wonder boy etc… Dm me on Instagram my friend and we can see if u are still chatting that same shit… 😀🤫😉👊🏻.”

However, in a separate interview the No.8 ranked Till indicated that his primary target as things stand is the in-form Sean Strickland, who is ranked No.6, three places higher than Hall.

“I would like to fight Sean Strickland,” Till told Freak MMA. “I don’t know if that fight could happen. I know he’s on a good win streak, and I’m coming off a loss, but I think it would be a good fight, where like trashtalk and standup fighting with each other. I’d like to fight Sean Strickland if that opportunity came about. As I said, I respect him, and I know he’s on a win streak, but I think it would be a good fight.”

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