Darren Till Say he’s Depressed After Injury Call-Off From UFC: London 2

Darren Till recently pulled out of a fight with Jack Hermansson at the upcoming UFC: London 2 event next weekend due to a leg injury, and the middleweight star has admitted that it’s left him feeling depressed.

“It’s just so frustrating at this point in my career,” Till said on th BLOCKPARTY podcast. “I’m happy for the way English MMA is going – to see all these up-and-comers, Tom [Aspinall], Paddy [Pimblett], Muhammad [Mokaev], all these guys. I’m so happy to see them in the position they’re in. But it’s so f—king frustrating for me at the same time because I know my potential. I’m not downing anyone, but I’m the f—king best out there and I know that.

“It’s just such a f—king depressing time for me at the moment because listen, trolls don’t bother me. But it’s just these f—king comments and all these – even fighters – and they’re like, ‘Oh, he pulled out.’ I’m like, ‘Mate, come to the gym and I’ll f—king take you out.’ It’s just so frustrating for me right now. It really is. I’m at a f—king low point.”

Till went on to compare the current lowpoint in his career to that of boxing superstar Tyson Fury when he spoke out about his own battles with depression.

“I feel like I’m in a Tyson Fury moment. Remember when he was going through that depressed stage? And I feel like that’s where I’m at now. Obviously I’m not drinking and taking drugs – that’s not my way. But I still feel like that. Honestly, I’m not about that new age of, ‘Oh, I’m depressed,’ mental health and all that bulls—t. I come from a different era. But it just makes you feel so f—king low, s—t like this.

“I’m not a crying, man, or anything, but it f—king frustrates me so much. I’m so pissed off with it. It doesn’t bother me, but it does. Anyone who says the trolls don’t bother you is a liar. Don’t get me wrong – I f—king give it back to the c—ts. But some little comments get to you, like, ‘Oh, retire now.’ What do you mean retire? What the f—k are you harping on about? I haven’t even dented my prime yet. I know where I’m at, but you just have to take that s—t on the chin.”

At this stage it’s not clear when Till will be ready to return to action after his injury or who his opponent will be when he does.

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