Darrick Minner Defeats Charles Rosa By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 185

Darrick Minner proved to be the better grappler against Charles Rosa tonight at UFC Fight Night 185 as he repeatedly controlled the action on the mat and steered clear of his opponents attempts to tap him.

Round One:

Leg kick for Minner. he lands another low kick and then there’s a clinch in the center of the Octagon.

They soon break free though. Calf kick for Rosa. Minner returns the favor and throws a grazing hook.

Minner presses forward and throws hard blows as Rosa tries to return fire with his back against the cage.

Back to the center of the Octagon now. Body kick for Rosa. Minner working for a takedown and gets it. He moves to side control here, but soon after Rosa gets him back to full guard.

Rosa trying to work a high guard, but Minner breaks out of that and looks to improve position as Rosa tries for a kneebar.

Rosa had some space for a moment there, but rather than try to work back up he goes fishing for a submission and comes up empty-handed. Minner in half guard now and trying to set-up an arm triangle, but soon gives up on that as they scramble.

Rosa trying for a leg lock and Minner throws punches to his opponents upper thigh in the mean time, and that’s where the round ends.

Round Two:

Calf kick for Minner and lands a clipping punch too as they exchange at close range. Right hand for Minner staggers Rosa and enables Minner to get back on top again.

Minner transitions and ends up in full mount. Rosa tries to wall walk and escape, but Minner adjusts and manages to stay on top, but Rosa is fishing for an armbar attempt. Minner able to defend that though and get to the back.

They roll and Rosa is looking for a triangle choke set-up, but nothing doing. Rosa passes very nicely to full mount again. Rosa gets him back to half-guard. Elbow strike for him.

Rosa gets to his knees and then stands as Minner hops onto his back and gets his hooks in. Rosa opts to drop down to the mat trying to shake him off, but fails and Minner gets to full guard and starts to set up the arm triangle choke again.

Minner steps off to the side and this is dangerous moments for Rosa with 40 seconds of the round left. However, Rosa manages to adjusts and counters with an armbar, but Minner escapes and keeps his top pressure going.

Rosa relentlessly trying for submissions here and in the final seconds of the round he almost has an armbar attempt locked up, but Minner avoids being caught in that.

Round Three:

Calf kick for Minner. He swings wildly. Minner clips Rosa with a punch and Rosa reaches for a takedown and Minner gladly settles back on top again.

Rosa gets to his knees. Minner flattens him on his back from side control. Rosa to his knees again and then stands up. Minner able to pull him back down again and secures half-guard as Rosa tries to work on a kimura attempt.

Rosa finally lets go of the submission and Minner works from full-guard. Rosa again trying to work a high guard and go for the armbar again.

Rosa not giving up and switches to an omaplata. he’s not able to get on top with it though and Minner works free and stays on top.

Rosa straight back to submission hunting. They scramble and Minner gets Rosa’s back and rolls back with his hooks in.

Rosa trying to get to his knees, but Minner keeping him grounded. Rosa starts throwing elbows backwards to the head of Minner and now hooks from this almost 50-50 position on the mat, but that’s not going to change the outcome of the fight here as time runs out.

Round One:

No doubt about the winner here. Minner showed strong offensive grappling here throughout the fight and also avoided Rosa’s numerous submission attempts on his way to a unanimous decision victory (30-26, 30-27, 29-27).

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