Davey Grant KO’s Louis Smolka In 3rd Round At UFC On ESPN 36

Davey Grant threw everything but the kitchen sink at Louis Smolka tonight at UFC On ESPN 36 and it paid off for him early in the third round as he laid waste to his opponents lead leg with a big kick and then landed big ground and pound blows to seal a KO finish.

Round One:

Oblique kick from Grant. Body punch now as Smolka presses forward. Heavy low kick now. A hook lands inside. Solid low kicks continue for Grant as Smolka still tries to find his way into the early action.

Low kick for Smolka but then Grant presses forward to land a powerful one of his own. More low kicks from him. He goes or a hook now.

Big punches to the body and then upstairs from Grant. Smolka presses forward and tries to clinch up, but Grant shrugs him aside.

Grant back to landing kicks. He steps into another powerful low kick. Now a big punch lands. Inside leg kick from Grant. Heavy right hook seems to daze Smolka for a moment. Now a spinning kick to the body.

Another right hook again for Grant and Smolka does well to take that. Dominant action from Grant so far. He lands a body kick. Now a body punch, everything landing with power.

Punch and then a spinning backfist from Grant. Good jab lands and now body punches. Punch lands for Smolka. Side kick to the body from Grant.

Body – head combo from Grant. Now a couple of hooks. A jab lands solidly and finally floors Smolka. Grant follows him down, but Smolka threatens instantly with a leg lock. Grant backs up and gets away, then motions for him to stand.

Smolka still looks a bit unsteady as they get back to it on the feet, but luckily for him there’s not much time left in the round.

Round Two:

Smolka immediately trying for a takedown, but Grant defuses that attempt. Grant landing heavy blows to the body and head.

Smolka gets a punch through. Grant still battling away, but Smolka lands another confidence-boosting punch.

Grant lands, but then Smolka returns fires with solid punches and Grant nods at him after that.

Smolka with a big flurry now, but most of it comes off the guard. Grant still swinging for the fences. Glancing punch for Smolka lands to the chin.

Grant goes to the body. Smolka’s jab lands nicely. Spinning kick from Grant misses. Knee to the body from Grant and a couple of hooks behind it.

Smolka pumps the jab. He lands a front kick to the body and Grant lands a heavy calf kick. Step-in elbow and a punch from Smolka.

Smolka with the jab. Grant tries a hook kick that misses and Smolka utilizes that miss to get him down. Grant looking to stand, but Smolka works for an armbar. Grant looks to be defending, but then Smolka adjusts and is now in a better position to try to finish this.

Grant able to get out and back to his feet, then instantly goes back to putting the pressure on in the striking department.

Round Three:

Front kick upstairs from Grant just misses. Hooks land for Grant. Now a solid calf kick that buckles Smolka’s leg for a split second.

Jab lands for Grant. He lands a big calf kick again and Smolka’s leg gives way. That limb is all but done and Smolka knows it and desperately lunges in for a takedown, but Grant gets on top and lands a few powerful punches that deliver a knockout finish at the 0.49min mark of the final round.

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