Davi Ramos Defeats Austin Hubbard By Decision UFC Fight Night 152

Early leg kick for Hubbard. Cautious approach as he lands another and looks to keep his distance against the grappler.

Both fighters go for an inside leg kick at the same time and both land to the groin at the same time forcing a brief stoppage!

Back to it they go and Hubbard goes back to the kicks. Ramos lets his hands go with a combination.

Front kick to the body from Hubbard. Missed hooks from Ramos. He lands a body punch though. Now a right hand to the head.

Body kick from Ramos, but Hubbard counters and backs his opponent up. Low leg kick for Ramos. Uppercut and a leg kick behind it from Hubbard.

Glancing right hook and then a kick upstairs from Hubbard. Overhand right connects for Ramos now. Ramos gets eye-poked forcing another stoppage.

Punch lands for Hubbard but then eats a heavy one-two in return. Right hand from Hubbard and then Ramos swoops in immediately for a takedown. It doesn’t pay off at first, but then he gets to Hubbard’s back, drags him to the mat and tries for a rear-naked choke in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Front kick to the body from Hubbard. Leg kick for Ramos. Another lands and Hubbard returns it.

Punch and then a leg kick for Hubbard. Uppercut and another kick from him. Glancing punches from Ramos. Kick stumbles Ramos. Big punch lands for Hubbard and Ramos eats it and tries to return fire.

Right and a left hand for Ramos to set-up a takedown attempt. He gets to Hubbards back instead and looks to bring him down from there as he did at the end of the first round.

Hubbard staying upright for now though. Ramos does manage to pull him down, but he’s pulled Hubbard down on top of him and almost ended up losing control, though Hubbard opts to just get back to his feet rather than stay on the mat.

Body punch and a kick for hubbard. Body shots exchanged. inside leg kick for Hubbard. leg kick a piece land. Front kick to the body from Hubbard.

Another strike for Hubbard, but then a hard flurry of punches land for Ramos. Ramos throws a punch then moves in for a takedown against the cage.

Ramos working a single leg here, but Hubbard stays upright for now. Ramos does get him down eventually though and secures half-guard.

Short punches to the head for Ramos as Hubbard tries to grind his elbow into his opponent’s face.

Round Three:

Solid leg kick for Hubbard to start the third. He tries for an uppercut but misses. Right hand and a leg kick for Hubbard.

Leg kick for Ramos. Hubbard threatening with kicks. Overhand right and a left for Ramos. Right hand and a left landing powerfully behind it from Ramos and that seems to wobble Hubbard.

Ramos tries to capitalize, throwing more heavy leather, but then decides to change things up and go for a takedown. he lands it and Ramos is in half guard with a little over half the round remaining.

Short punches to the body and head from Ramos, but not too much action overall and the referee opts to stand them up with 90 seconds to go.

Leg kick for Ramos. Body punch now. Jumping knee from Hubbard. Straight land for Hubbard. Ramos tries for a spinning kick, but gets caught with a counter-punch and it knocks him over.

Ramos stays on his back and motions for Hubbard to follow him down to the mat. Time is running out for Hubbard, but he’s way of going into the BJJ expert’s guard so he chips away at his legs and then finally goes down in the final seconds of the round. There’s not enough time left to do much with the position though and so we’re headed to the scorecards.


Hubbard proved to be a tough customer in his UFC debut, but Ramos was able to contest with him on the feet and land crucial takedowns to earn himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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