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David Branch KO’s Thiago Santos In First Round At UFC Fight Night 128

David Branch showed he could go toe-to-toe with Thiago Santos tonight at UFC Fight Night 128 by KO’ing him in the first round.

Round One:

Santos tries an early head kick, but is short of the target. Body kick for the Brazilian. One-two for Branch doesn’t find the mark. Leg kick for Santos.

Inside leg kick for Santos and now a left hook. Low kick now. And again. Body kick for Branch and now a stiff punch upstairs.

Branch tries to press forward punching the jab, but eats another low leg kick. left hook for Santos. Back to the leg kick.

Suddenly Branch barrels forward and lands a single overhand right that catches Santos hard on the jaw and floors him. Branch follows up with some big hammerfists on the mat to seal an out-of-the-blue KO victory at 2.30mins of the first round!

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