David Onama KO’s Gabriel Santos In 2nd Round At UFC On ABC 5

In the second round of a highly competitive fight tonight at UFC On ABC 5, David Onama suddenly unleashed a huge fight-ending uppercut to claim an impressive knockout victory.

Round One:

Early calf kick for Santos. He lands another. One-two from Santos catches Onama. Onama looking to get that back, but Santos looking sharper in these early striking exchanges.

Santos in close and Onama is able to bring him to the mat. Onama looking to work on top but Santos soon finds a way back to his feet and immediately starts working his strikes again.

Nice one-two for Onama from range. Calf kick for Santos. Left hook for him and attempts a spinning kick that misses.

Left hand from Santos and threatening with the uppercut. Santos diving into an armbar attempt and Onama has to work quickly to break free from that. Santos immediately working for it again but doesn’t get it. Santos now transitioning between a possible triangle choke and armbar, but Onama defends and then they stand.

The fast pace continues at striking range, followed by Santos landing a nice takedown in the center of the Octagon. Onama able to get back up and ends the round throwing straight punches as Santos backs up to avoid them.

Round Two:

Santos nicely times a spinning backfist as Onama was throwing punches and then presses the action and brings him down. Santos taking Onama’s back and has the body triangle locked in.

Onama does well to turn into Santos and fends off a possible armbar. Onama lands two heavy elbows to the head. Santos constantly active off his back as he tries to find an opening for a submission attempt, but not getting anything yet. He finds a little space, but before he can stand Onama pounces on him to keep the action on the mat.

Now Santos does work back to his feet and they go straight back to the heated striking battle.

The action slowing a bit now though. Spinning body kick from Santos. Stepping elbow strike from Onama. Now a couple of straight and does well to land a knee upstairs. Santos takes that, but Onama then launches an uppercut that connects clean and sends Santos crashing to the canvas, with two more blows landing on the way down to seal a highlight-reel KO win at 1.13mins of the second round!

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