Deiveson Figueiredo Defeats John Moraga By TKO At UFC Fight Night 135

Deiveson Figueiredo maintained his unbeaten record tonight with a second round TKO victory over John Moraga at UFC Fight Night 135.

Round One:

Low leg kick for Moraga. There’s a lull in the action and then Moraga lands another low leg kick. Cautious start from both men.

Front kick to the body from Figueiredo. Figueiredo comes chasing Moraga, but nothing lands. Punch from Moraga and Figueiredo’s legs seemed to buckle from that, but he recovered quickly and clinched up.

Figueiredo looks for a takedown and lands it. Moraga locking up his opponent’s arms to stifle his offense. Short punches to the head from Figueiredo from inside Moraga’s closed guard.

Moraga spins and tries for an armbar but doesn’t get it. Moraga with a couple of hammerfists from his back As he wraps one arm around his opponent’s heel.

Figueiredo stays upright for a while, but then opts to drop down and go for a heel hook battle with his opponent, but it’s Moraga who gets the better of that before he escapes. They stay on the mat as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Body kick from Moraga to start the second round. Figueiredo taking the center of the Octagon and pressuring Moraga. Another body kick for Moraga. Now a kick upstairs from Figueiredo that doesn’t quite find the target. Grazing hook from Moraga.

Knee to the body from Moraga after a missed hook, but Figueiredo gets the clinch and then goes for a takedown and lands it. Moraga stands, but Figueiredo brings him straight back down.

Figueiredo in half guard and lands a clean elbow. Now body punches. Moraga bleeding heavily from a cut underneath his left eye.

Another solid strike to the head from Figueiredo. Moraga scrambles to his knees and then stands. Figueiredo lands a big elbow strike and another behind it and Moraga is badly hurt and drops to the mat. He’s barely defending himself at first as Figueiredo wades in, but then he rolls away just as Figueiredo looks to land a final strike.

Moraga surviving and struggles to his feet, then lands a punch for good measure to show he’s still in the fight. However, he’s still hurt and Figueiredo lands a huge body shot that puts him down again and seals a TKO win with 3.08mins on the clock for the Brazilian!

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