Deiveson Figueiredo TKO’s Joseph Benavidez In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 169

Deiveson Figueiredo left Joseph Benavidez dreams of finally claiming the flyweight title in tatters tonight at UFC Fight Night 169 after TKO’ing him in the second round.

Round One:

The main event vacant flyweight title fight is underway in Virginia.

Cautious start from both men as they feint at range. Benavidez misses an early leg kick. However he does close the distance rapidly soon after and left an overhand left.

Figueiredo goes for a takedown and manages to land it. Figueiredo working on an armbar here and it looks dangerous. Benavidez having to scramble hard here to try and escape. It’s still locked in tight and he’s grimacing here but manages to scramble again and escape. Very dangerous moments for Benavidez there.

Back on the feet now and they start trading punches. Figueiredo connects but so does Benavidez. Figueiredo pressing forward. Benavidez ducks into a takedown that doesn’t pay off. Nice punch connects for Figueiredo. Benavidez again working a takedown and again he’s struggling to land it.

Big right hand for Benavidez. He connects again. Now a left, but Figueiredo shows a good chin.

Again Benavidez steps into range and lands a left-right combo. Leg kick for him now. Jab for Figueiredo. left hand for Benavidez and one in return from Figueiredo.

Body punch from Figueiredo. Now a right hook from Benavidez clocks Figueiredo hard. He goes in for more but gets knocked down by Figueiredo. He’s straight back up and they are still swinging as the round ends.

Round Two:

Spinning body kick from Figueiredo. Glancing right hand from Benavidez. One-two for him. Now a big punch lands for Figueiredo. Kick from Benavidez.

Both men slugging it out at close range. Benavidez with another flurry. He lands a body kick.

Glancing right and then a solid left hand from Benavidez. Benavidez lunges in and there’s a clash of heads which immediately opens up a nasty cut to the forehead of Benavidez.

Benavidez backing up now and swiping at the blood as Figueiredo wades in and floors him with a powerful right hand to the face then lands a few big hammerfists, and that’s it, the ref rushes in and Figueiredo wins by TKO at 1.54mins of the second round.

Unfortunately for Figueiredo he won’t claim the vacant title though since he missed weight by 2.5lbs yesterday, making him inelegible to win it.

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