Derek Brunson Beats Elias Theodorou By Decision At UFC Fight Night 151

Derek Brunson got the better of Elias Theodorou on the judges scorecards tonight at UFC Fight Night 151 in Ontario.

Round One:

Theodorou throwing kicks to start and even tries a spinning head kick that doesn’t connect. Now he goes into the clinch and lands an uppercut on the way back out.

Big leg kick for Theodorou. However, Brunson then is able to land a takedown and gets full mount almost immediately. Theodorou gives up his back and stands but Brunson brings him straight back down and threatens with a rear-naked choke. Theodorou able to escape that though.

Brunson trying for the rear-naked choke again, but this time Theodorou reverses to get on top and stands. Still in the clinch though and Brunson tries for a trip that’s defended.

Now the two fighters seperate. Body kick for Theodorou. Brunson clinches up and shoves Theodorou up against the cage, but they seperate again soon after.

Leg kick for Theodorou. Awkward strikes from Theodorou and Brunson with a left hook. Leg kick for Theodorou. Another lands. Leg kick for Brunson now.

Spinning backfist attempt from Theodorou comes up short. Brunson attempts for a jumping knee but doesn’t get it and wades forward with punches instead. He’d like to get a takedown now, but nothing doing this time.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Theodorou. Now a body kick. Another body kick for him. Brunson wades forward with a kick and then a punch. Into the clinch now and Theodorou tries to reverse it. They break apart with Theodorou throwing a looping punch that misses.

leg kick for Theodorou. Brunson trying to come forward, but constant movement from Theodorou and he’s struggling to coral him to get off strikes.

Theodorou turns and runs off around the outside to get some space which the crowd doesn’t approve of, though he does attempt to then bounce off the cage with a kick.

Calf kick for Brunson. Body kick for him, but it’s caught partially by Theodorou. Glancing left hand for Brunson. Side kick to the body from Theodorou.

Theodorou with a single leg attempt here and then transitions to a spinning elbow attempt. Kick and a punch lands for Brunson. Spinning backfist misses from Theodorou and he gets countered by a hard punch.

Spinning kick from Theodorou misses. Knee to the body from Brunson. Now he goes into the clinch against the cage. He moves back away and just steers clear of a wild punch from Theodorou.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Brunson. Spinning kick misses for Theodorou, but he does then land a body kick. Brunson attempts a takedown, but doesn’t get it.

Low leg kick for Theodorou and now a kick from Brunson. Now Brunson manages to get to Theodorou’s back and brings him to the mat against the cage.

Theodorou gives up his back and gets to his feet with Brunson clinched up.They break for a minute and then Brunson throws Theodorou to the mat, only for him to stand back up immediately.

Right hook for Brunson as Theodorou lumbers forward. Low kick for Theodorou. Inside leg kick for Brunson. Brunson hoists Theodorou onto his shoulder, walks a few paces and then slams him hard to the mat.

Theodorou gets to his knees and stands back up. Brunson goes back into the clinch against the cage. Theodorou gets free.

Left hook for Theodorou. Now a knee to the body. Brunson clinches. Theodorou with a knee upstairs as they break free.

Clubbing punch from Brunson. Knee to the chin from Theodorou. Body kick for Theodorou. Right hand for Brunson.

Awkward kicks from Theodorou. Body kick attempt from Brunson is blocked. Flying knee doesn’t pay off either and we’re heading to the scorecards here.


Brunson went back to his wrestling roots at key moments in this fight and that helped him claim a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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