Diego Ferreira KO’s Michael Johnson In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 224

Diego Ferreira brutally knocked out Michael Johnson in the second round tonight at UFC Fight Night 224.

Round One:

Johnson lands a jab. Push kick to the body from Ferreira. Ferreira with a leg kick. One-two for Johnson and that’s followed by a punch and kick from Ferreira.

Nice front kick to the body from Ferreira as Johnson was moving into range. Lunging punch from Ferreira is countered by a hard couple of punches from Johnson that seemed to trouble him for a moment.

Both looking for more strikes. Johnson with a flurry and Ferreira attempts to counter with a high kick that doesn’t land.

Solid punch down the pipe from Ferreira but fails on a takedown attempt. Inside leg kick from Ferreira. Body punch from Johnson.

Ferreira misses a front kick upstairs. One-two from Johnson. Jab lands for him. Punch from Johnson and a body kick from Ferreira.

jab from Ferreira and Johnson blasts him with a hard body shot. Another strike for Johnson as he turns up the intensity.

Jab for Ferreira. He lands again and a kick as Johnson looks for a punch of his own. Front kick to the body and a couple of punches from Ferreira.

Round Two:

Body punch from Ferreira. Overhand right lands for Johnson. Body kick from Johnson. Ferreira misses an overhand but lands a front kick to the body.

Head kick attempt from Ferreira seemed to partially get through and punches behind it. Ferreira attempts a takedown and though he commits to it Johnson shrugs him off very nicely.

Massive overhand right from Ferreira and Johnson topples backwards in slow motion like a fallen tree. A hammerfist lands on the mat but he’s already out cold. Huge KO victory for Ferreira at 1.50mins of Rd2.

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