Diego Sanchez Now Claiming Joshua Fabia Should Get Coach Of The Year

The debate about how useless Diego Sanchez’s ‘self awareness coach’ Joshua Fabia is just won’t die, particularly because the veteran UFC star is simply refusing to accept the truth of the matter.

Instead, Sanchez is going in completely the opposite direction by stating that Fabia should be up for ‘Coach Of The Year’, despite having overseen him put in two of the worst performances of his long fight-career in the past 12 months.

In a lengthy Instagram post Sanchez also called out Daniel Cormier for being critical of the fighter’s performance against Michel Pereira on Saturday night, though the former two-weight champion was just one of 99.9% of people watching the bout who felt exactly the same way.

Sanchez also blasts those who he feels are trying to ruin his legacy, but really it’s not about that at all, it’s just painfully obvious that Fabia has no business being in the fight game and it’s hard not to keep pointing that out when it’s clearly having a detremental effect on Sanchez’s performances.

Unfortunately Sanchez by his own admission does have a history of allowing people who are not looking out for his best interests into his life, such as several years ago when he allowed a so-called friend to take care of his business dealings and ended up being swindled to the tune of $170,000.

That’s not said in any way to suggest that Fabia has similar intentions, but it does feel that he is robbing Sanchez of his credibility at this late stage in his UFC run and that’s sad to see.

Read Sanchez’s full post below and then check out the 12 minute long video in which he unconvincingly attempts to show how Fabia has improved his fighting style.

“As we all come to think we are experts, as we all have eyes and think we can see, I will now show you what you are not AWARE enough to see,” Sanchez wrote. “My coach should be getting coach of the year award for reinventing a fighter at the age of 38. What you are seeing is something special. Now I ask you all why you could not see it, or why you could not allow @joshuafabiaknowbody @schoolofselfawareness to be acknowledged in any way for what he has done. He has done this alone, No equipment No team No building. If you see this and respect me at all you all owe him a HUGE apology. And if you are not willing to apologize and want to deny what you see in this video you are too far corrupted and no one can help you. To all the fans that supported even though you couldn’t see, I love you even more. For all of you that have written me off and talked trash, keep watching because you can’t stop me now. School of Self Awareness is a worldwide movement and it is for those who are willing to help themselves. Share if you care, if you don’t we now know you don’t care. I am a legend, don’t let them destroy my legacy. If they can do it to me, they can do it to you. Stand up for yourself because no one else will. Oh @thenotoriousmma any time, any place I would cherish the opportunity to have a legendary fight with two legends. Plus it might be nice having a fair fight for a change. If you thought @portal.ido was anything you really need to meet @joshuafabiaknowbody Nice commentating @dc_mma , Really thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did me so wrong it taught me what is really going on. Thanks for not talking to my coach, manager and cornerman @joshuafabiaknowbody in our pre fight meeting. You already showed me your bias attitude then.”

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