Diego Sanchez Says He’s In The Fight Of His Life With Covid

Diego Sanchez is known for having been one of the UFC’s toughest warriors over the years, but as he remains hospitalized due to complications resulting from Covid he’s admitted that this is his toughest battle yet.

“This has been the fight of a fighters life no fight camp or opponent has dominated me like this,” Sanchez wrote on Twitter. “It’s been a long fight last night I think I finally win a round with the help of my corner God, Jesus, Holy Spirit & the many candles prayers lit in the hearts of my loved ones #faith.”

Sanchez had previously revealed that he’d been diagnosed with covid-related pneumonia and blood clots in both his legs after being hospitalized with Covid recently.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, Sanchez speculated that perhaps he has the new Omicron strain of Covid that has been causing concern around the globe in recent days, although it should be noted that ‘The Nightmare’ has been battling the virus for at least two weeks now.

“They won’t say it was Omicron but that’s my instinct,” Sanchez wrote. “Drink your juices make your soups stock up your nutrition & get ready for the fight that is ahead of you! only faith in a higher power and unity with each other will get us through this war. Guard you kids and parents put family and God first! If one thing in 2021 from losing my UFC career to losing faith in Jesus, God the father has restored my strong faith in heaven and a after life!thank you god sometimes only pain and fear can heal the soul from the self inflicted traumas of the untruthful deceits of life #loveispowerful ❤️.”

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