Dillon Danis Starts Brawl With KSI Suckerpunch And Comes Off Second-Best As Usual

In the past Dillon Danis was best known for being Conor McGregor’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach, but these days the infrequent Bellator competitor seems to be hellbent on attention-seeking antics and troublemaking, while also having an uncanny knack for making himself look foolish in the process.

The latest such incident saw him gate-crash a Misfits boxing weigh-in to confront YouTuber and occasional celebrity-boxing competitor KSI, who previously fought Logan Paul on two occasions.

The two exchanged words on-stage before Danis hit KSI with a light suckerpunch, while also throwing his coffee over him, before running off.

Unfortunately for Danis and his entourage, others in the building didn’t take too kindly to his actions, with lightweight MMA fighter (7-5) turned boxer (2-3) Anthony Taylor leading the charge as he pursued them outside the venue and sparked off a brief but chaotic brawl in the car-park, backed up by fellow pro-boxer Ashton Sylve (8-0) and others.

Despite a couple of people trying to hold him back, Taylor managed to land an overhand right on Danis that sent him staggering back into a nearby truck.

Meanwhile, one of Danis’ entourage twice took a swing at Taylor, but was then dropped from behind by a punch from Sylve.

He got back up, only to be briefly dropped again moments later by someone else involved in the scuffle, while Taylor continued to engage with what appeared to be another person from Danis’ entourage.

Soon after it was Danis and his crew who were seen backing off, with Danis sporting a visibly reddened left cheekbone, while his friend was bleeding from the mouth.

Different Angle:

Just last weekend after UFC 281, Danis had also confronted Nate Diaz outside MSG in New York City and one of his entourage received a slap from the Stockton native.

And hey, remember that time Danis was humiliated by a security guard outside a bar, who forced him to tap out to a rear-naked choke?

And if that wasn’t enough, even MMA journalist Ariel Helwani once verbally KO’d Danis after calling him out for his trouble-making antics during an interview, while also mocking his 2-0 MMA record and pointing out the fact that he hasn’t actually had an official fight for several years.

After this latest incident yesterday you have to wonder whether the 29-year-old will now start to re-evaluate his life choices as he continues to take losses on the street and solidify his status as the laughing stock of the combat sports community.

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