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Donald Cerrone Calls Out Conor McGregor; Irish Superstar Signals Interest

Donald Cerrone has made no secret of the fact that he would like a fight with Conor McGregor, and he mentioned it again last night after his impressive finish of Alexander Hernandez – and it appears he’s finally got the Irish superstar’s attention.

“For a fight like that Donald, I’ll fight you. Congratulations,” McGregor wrote on Twitter after watching Cerrone’s fight and subsequent call-out.

“That’d be cool,” Cerrone said backstage after hearing word from reporters of McGregor’s response. “I hope the fight goes through. I can’t get my hopes up.

“He dictates everything, man. I can say yes. Well, I can’t say I’ll fight anybody anymore, because now I told my team I’ll take it easy. I want a top-five guy. Conor’s (No.) 2. That equals top-five to me. He’s the master of talking (expletive). I’m sure he’ll try and get under my skin. It will be fun.”

As for when he’d like the fight to take place, as ever Cerrone isn’t looking for too much of a break.

“March, April, May – the sun’s out,” Cerrone said. “I can bring my boat and RV to (Las) Vegas. I’m sure it will be in Vegas, or Ireland. (Expletive) yeah. Let’s go.”

Would the UFC be interested in that match-up though? Last night Dana White wasn’t willing to say that is the fight to make, but he didn’t completely dismiss the idea either.

“I mean, anything’s possible,”
White said. “If those guys want that and the fans want to see it, that’s what I do.

“Obviously, don’t run out there and say that’s the fight I’m making. I don’t know what I’m going to do. But I like the fact that two of these guys that are complete dogs and fight anybody are willing to fight each other. That’s fun.”

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