Donald Cerrone Reacts To Diego Sanchez’s Release From UFC

Up until very recently Donald Cerrone had been preparing to fight his former training partner, turned rival, Diego Sanchez, and now he’s given his reaction to the recent developments that saw ‘The Nightmare’ being cut from the UFC before they could settle their differences in the Octagon.

“I’ve never seen someone get thrown off cause they’re crazy,” Cerrone said during UFC On ESPN 24 media day.  “It’s a first for me. But short notice is short notice. Usually I’m the guy filling in, but not the other way around.

“You’ve seen people get chopped, so apparently he pissed the wrong people off, and it just so happened right before the fight. I don’t really have anything to say. I was looking forward to the fight. I’m going back to 55, so taking this fight, I was like man, now I’m going to take a short notice fight against a 70-pounder. I was only doing it for the UFC, they asked me, Diego begged for the fight, wanted it and I said cool, I wanted to go to 155. So here we are at 170 again and as soon as this fight’s over, I’ll be hollering for 55. Excited to go get paid on Saturday.”

Cerrone then went on to make it clear he wasn’t angry at Sanchez over their fight falling through on such short notice, and suggested that it was really his rival’s coach Joshua Fabia who was responsible for his dismissal.

“Diego, it’s hard to be mad at him now, because I don’t know if it’s him guiding the horse,” Cerrone said. “I can’t really be mad at the kid, or the old man I should say. Really it’s his cult leader and lover that’s took over his life, and I feel bad for you, Diego.”

Cerrone then also revealed that he personally knew someone who had fought Fabia in a bar, and from the sound of things it did not go  well for the coach who founded ‘The School Of Self-Awareness.’

“I do know the guy that whipped his ass at the bar, I used to train with the guy, and that kid was talking about his death punch and how he was going to kill the dude, and my buddy dog walked his motherf*cking ass all over the bar. So the death punch did not work. It was unsuccessful.

“This guy now longer fights, no longer trains, he just said, ‘I’ll beat yo ass’ and he did. The MMA community in New Mexico had a chuckle over it.” have since reached out to get a response from Fabia, who gave them a prepared statement.

“Cowboy’ is a lying bigot and has shown who he really is,” Fabia stated.  “Sad he is brainwashed by UFC and can’t see it. He is probably gonna be in the hospital Saturday and think it’s cool cause he got his adrenaline fix. Sad nobody cares enough about him to let him go in after he says in media he needs his head to heal.”

“So the UFC promotes homophobia now? UFC supports hate in its community and that’s a fact.”


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