Douglas Silva de Andrade Defeats Marlon Vera By Decision At UFC Fight Night 125

Douglas Silva de Andrade successfully outstruck Marlon Vera over the course of three rounds to emerge with a unanimous decision victory tonight at UFC Fight Night 125.

Round One:

Andrade comes out launching punches aggressively, then a couple of leg kicks. Oblique kick from Andrade. Vera comes in with uppercuts and Vera responds with a head kick attempt.

They exchange legs kicks and then Andrade tries for a winging punch that misses and sends him off-balance. Loading up too much there. Right hand for Andrade and the na body kick that’s caught nicely by Vera. Andrade still attacking even one one leg.

Back to striking range and Vera lands a low kick. Andrade just short with a one-two. Body kick for Vera, but eats a punch in return.

Andrade’s punches are heavy, but not always finding the target. Vera with a head kick attempt that’s blocked. Another kick upstairs blocked.

Right hand from Andrade lands cleanly. Another wild right hook from Andrade. Vera lets his own hands go and then follows up with a knee.

Uppercut misses for Andrade, but one to the body does connect. Vera with a body kick, but Andrade then gets a body lock and in teh final moments of the round he slams his opponent to the mat and looks for ground and pound.

Round Two:

Early kick upstairs from Vera. Andrade with a right hand. leg kick for Andrade. Another leg kick for Andrade is caught and creates a brief scramble.

Andrade lands a big left hook. Leg kicks exchanged. Left hook connects again for Andrade and Vera seems in some discomfort after that, potentially complaining about an eye poke, but the fight continues with Andrade pouring on the pressure against the cage.

Vera survives that flurry, but now has blood leaking from close to his right eye.

Big right hook lands for Andrade and Vera is showing a solid chin to stand up to blows like that. Vera starts trying to turn things around as he presses forward with a few hard kicks. Spinning backfist from Andrade though catches him by surprise.

Vera’s face smeared with blood now. Andrade tries a spinning back kick, but doesn’t quite find the target. Head kick attempt from Vera just misses.

Andrade with more pressure against the cage and lands a few solid knees in there before backing away.

Another good strike for Andrade. Vera with a kick. Andrade gets the body lock and is looking for a takedown to end the round, but doesn’t get it.

Round Three:

Both men battling hard to start the third in the center of the cage. A clubbing overhand lands for Andrade. Now a solid uppercut. Vera has just not been able to land with the same kind of authority in the fight so far.

Side kick from Vera, but Andrade lands a harder punch on the counter. Body kick from Vera. Now one to the leg and Andrade returns the favor.

Left hook gets through from Andrade. Another two-piece connects. Vera engages and Andrade tries for the spinning backfist. Vera connects, but he needs a lot more.

Both fighters trying to find a home for their punches. Andrade still the more aggressive overall though. Andrade with a spinning attack and more offense behind it as they slug it out in the final moments of the round.


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