Drew Dober TKO’s Alexander Hernandez In Second Round At UFC Fight Night 171

Drew Dober impressed again tonight at UFC Fight Night 171 with a big TKO victory over a good opponent in Alexander Hernandez.

Round One:

Quick punches and kicks from Hernandez to start. Front kick to the body from Hernandez and a leg kick for Dober. Hernandez attempts a hook kick. Leg kick for Dober.

Dober lands again with a leg kick. Hernandez with a body kick. One two for Dober comes up a little short. Body kick from Hernandez.

Level change from Hernandez and working on a single-leg here. He has to work for it and is rewarded with the takedown. Dober up quickly against the cage though.

Hernandez catches Dober with a punch as he backs out, but Dober partially landed too. Body kick from Hernandez. Dober with a left hand.

Body kick for Dober. Solid jab for Hernandez as Dober was going for hte same technique. Punch lands for Hernandez and Dober tries to press forward with a combo that doesn’t quite connect.

Hernandez ducks in on a takedown attempt, but Dober does well to stuff that. Body kick for Hernandez. Jab for Hernandez.

Dober applying a lot of pressure here. He lands a series of punches in succession. Body kick for Hernandez.

Jab from Dober. Leg kick for Dober and then both throw offense to end the round without making a strong connection.

Round Two:

Body kick for Hernandez. Eye poke early to Dober forces a brief stoppage. He’s ok to continue soon after though.

Two left hands from Dober, but then Hernandez lands a counter punch. Body kick from Hernandez. Dober lands again. Hernandez trying for a takedown, but it’s stuffed.

Body kick again from Hernandez. Jab from him. Now a body punch. Right hand for Dober. Dober pressing forward. he lands a leg kick. Right hand for Hernandez. Left for Dober.

Jabs traded and then a solid contact with the right and Hernandez backs out. Dober always pressing the action here.

Inside leg kick for Dober. Body kick attempt from Hernandez, but Dober punches him in the process. Grazing left hook from Hernandez.

Hard body punch from Dober and then lands to the head too with a combo and Hernandez goes down for a moment, then back up.

Again Dober lands to the body and targets the head again, but Hernandez in desparation goes for a takedown and lands it.

The best part of 90 seconds remaining in the round. However, by the minute mark Dober is back up. Dober lands a right hand. Dober connects again and Hernandez staggers to the mat for a second, then back up. Hernandez gets a takedown again to stall for time, but he can’t keep Dober down.

Hernandez staggers back to the cage as Dober pressures forward again and then as he lands again, the referee waves off the fight to give Dober the TKO victory at 4.25mins of the second round. No complaints from Hernandez.

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