Drew Dober TKO’s Ricky Glenn In 1st Round At UFC Fight Night 229

Drew Dober got back to winning ways in style tonight at UFC Fight Night 229 with a first round TKO Finish of Ricky Glenn.

Round One:

Good body punch from Dober. High kick attempt from Glenn is blocked. Glenn looking for a body kick and Dober catches it momentarily.

High body kick from Dober. Glenn with a punch. Dober firing back. Hard leg kick from Dober. Another couple land.

One-two for Dober. Another heavier punch lands now and he looks a bit troubled by that. Dober pours on the pressure and clocks him again. Glenn trying to pull Dober into his guard. Dober pulls away and Glenn is grabbing onto his glove illegally in the process.

Back to the feet they go now. Dober straight back to work and it’s not long before he has Glenn hurt again and slumping to the canvas. The ref is giving Glenn time to recover though, but it’s not doing him any favors as Dober blasts him withh big ground-and-pound until the fight is finally waved off. Big TKO win for Dober at 2.36mins of the first round!

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