Dusko Todorovic TKO’s Jordan Wright In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 212

Jordan Wright may have taken the first round in his fight at UFC Fight Night 212 tonight, but then Dusko Todorovic turned up the heat in the second as he relentlessly went on the offensive and gained the upperhand against his tiring opponent, leading to a TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Wright tries for a big right hand to start and Todorovic avoids it and goes straight into a takedown attempt.

Todorovic not able to get this going though and now it’s Wright who is working for a takedown against the cage, and he’s able to land it away from the cage, closer to the center of the Octagon.

Wright in half-guard and looking to land some strikes. Todorovic avoiding getting caught with anything significant so far and then tries to scramble out.

Now Todorovic gets his butterfly hooks working and starts to go for a kneebar. They still scramble as this is going on, but then as he’s committing to a heel hook submission Wright is able to tee off on him with big punches that force him to think again.

Todorovic on the defensive now and Wright is able to get securely back on top. Now Wright is setting up an arm triangle attempt and it looks promising for a moment, but then not so much. He ends up in full mount though, but isn’t able to make much of it before Todorovic starts to get space and scramble up.

Wright still able to press him up against the cage though. Todorovic tries to drop down with a guillotine choke but misses it and Wright is back on top as the round is coming to a close.

Round Two:

One-two from Todorovic. Now he’s starting to tee off close to the cage. They move back and forth a bit as Todorovic continues to throw heavy leather.

Wright able to take it so far and now he’s trying to fire back. Wright looks tired though and Todorovic stays busy and brings him down.

Deep breath from Wright and gets back up and immediately tries to clinch up. No real energy from him though now.

Todorovic back on the offensive again and lands a couple of big punches. Good chin from Wright to stay upright, but this isn’t going his way and Todorovic is showing good cardio as he pushes a torrid pace.

Todorovic working for a standing guillotine and Wright barely puts up any resistance as he goes to his knees turtled and then rolls to his back.

Todorovic gladly gets on top and starts firing off elbow strikes and punches to the head until the ref eventually steps in to end the fight for a TKO finish at the 3.12min mark of the second round.

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