Dustin Poirier And Nate Diaz Uninterested In Fighting Conor McGregor Again

Two of Conor McGregor’s biggest rivals, Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz, have indicated a lack of interest in fighting him again in recent days.

Diaz has in fact been calling for a fight with Poirier instead lately, and when asked whether he’d fight McGregor instead in a trilogy encounter later this year he was dismissive of the idea.

“Not right now,” Diaz replied. “He’s got a lot of work to do.”

Meanwhile, Poirier has separately made it even more clear that he just doesn’t want to fight ‘The Notorious’ for a fourth time.

“Me and Conor have history,” Poirier said at UFC 271 this past weekend. “Fighting him at (1)45, then bumping up and fighting him seven years later, beating him, and even that fight, I’m probably not going to fight Conor again. I don’t really want to fight Conor again. For me, that door is closed.

“The only reason I’d do it is for money. I beat him two times in a row. Can I best my two performances? Can I knock him out quicker? Can I 10-7 him? I mean what can I do? I’ve done it. If I do it again, it’s just for money, right?”

As for McGregor himself, he’s still rehabilitating following the broken leg he suffered against Poirier last year, but as things stand he does intend to compete again later this year.

That being said, despite a recent claim on social media that the star, who owns a pub in his native Ireland, was preparing to get sober in preparation for his comeback, McGregor’s recent posts have suggested that might be easier said than done.

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