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Dustin Poirier Demolishes Eddie Alvarez In Second Round At UFC On FOX 30

Dustin Poirier had Eddie Alvarez hurt for the second time in his career tonight at UFC On FOX 30, but this time he managed to put him away by TKO in the second round.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway at UFC On FOX 30 in Calgary.

Leg kick for Alvarez to start. Right hand for him now. Leg kick for Poirier. Another one. Alvarez lands two body punches. Low leg kick.

Left hand for Poirier. Nice swift left hand lands again for him. Body kick for Alvarez. Hard leg kick for Poirier makes Alvarez lose balance for a moment.

Body punch for Alvarez and then to the head. Left hand for Poirier. Another straight left connects for Poirier. Low kick for Poirier. Now a straight punch lands clean.

leg kick for Alvarez. Alvarez tries for a takedown, but gives up on it with Poirier remaining upright. Body punch for Alvarez. Body kick for Poirier.

Alvarez connects with punches as Poirier attempts to land too. Front kick to the body for Poirier. Two body shots for Alvarez.

Right hook for Poirier. leg kick for Alvarez. Jab finds a home for Poirier. Punch and then a low kick for ‘The Diamond’. Alvarez lands a few punches in succession, but then Poirier delivers a hard one of his own.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Alvarez. He fakes a takedown and comes over the top with a punch that misses. Hard spinning backfist from Alvarez that connects.

Head kick attempt from Poirier, but he slips on it. Alvarez tries for a guillotine, but Poirier escapes. Alvarez with an entry and Poirier sinks in a guillotine choke. It’s in tight as they go to ground. Poirier continuing to work for it but eventually decides to give up on it.

Poirier looking to get up, but Alvarez takes him straight back down. Alvarez works for a neck crank and Poirier lands short punches as he’s doing it.

Poirier escapes that but Alvarez is on top and pressing him tight up against the cage as he looks to land strikes. However he lands 12-6 elbows which is illegal and that forces a stoppage.

After a warning They go back to it and Poirier immediately comes out all guns blazing. He lands a straight left that gets Alvarez’s attenion. Poirier steps in with a big knee to the body and then wades forward with lefts and rights that land hard and send Alvarez into reverse gear.

Alvarez clearly hurt here and Poirier is not letting him off the hook, unleashing his full arsenal of strikes. A head kick doesn’t quite pay off, but he immediately goes back to landing punches and Alvarez is covering up, then occasionally swinging in desparation, trying to battle his way out of trouble as he’s done many times in the past.

This is a dire situation though and Poirier continues the onslaught and lands a big elbow to the head that finally slumps Alvarez to the mat, and that’s the referee’s cue to rush in to save him from further punishment, handing Poirier a TKO victory at 4.05mins of the second round.

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