Dustin Stoltzfus Beats Punahele Soriano By Submission In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 52

Dustin Stolfzfus got the better of Punahele Soriano tonight at UFC On ESPN 52, finishing him in the second round via rear-naked choke.

Round One:

Stoltzfus with a couple of push kicks to the upper thigh of Soriano. Soriano ducks a punch. Now he lands two big punches of his own that put his opponent on his heels for a moment.

Knee for Stoltzfus. In a brief exchange Stoltzfus throws a kick that lands to the groin and forces a very brief stoppage.

Back to it they go. Leg kick for Stoltzfus. Powerful straight left from Soriano. Body kick for Stoltzfus. Now a single leg attempt from Stoltzfus, but Soriano prevents that and then clips him with a counter punch for good measure.

Right hand from Stoltzfus in close. Now a leg kick from him on the inside. Body punch from Stoltzfus. Now a jab. Body kick for Soriano. Stoltzfus lands one of his own.

Left hook for Stoltzfus and then drives in for a takedown, then settles for pressing Soriano up against the cage.

Soriano able to break away. Body kick for him. Stoltzfus lands one too. Nice right hand from Stoltzfus and Soriano counters with a whipping left.

Leg kick for Stoltzfus. Push kick for him. Straight left for Soriano. Now a low kick for Soriano. Stoltzfus misses a punch and Soriano catches him with a counter.

Stoltzfus with a takedown attempt in the center of the Octagon and nicely shifts to the back, hoists him up and does bring him down. Soriano quickly back up though.

Soriano with a good punch. High kick attempt from Stoltzfus. left hand again for Soriano. Final seconds of the round and Stoltzfus lands a straight that drops Soriano, but he gets straight back to his feet as the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Stoltzfus. Now one to the body. Low kick for Soriano as Stoltzfus throws out punches. Spinning kick to the body from Stoltzfus just grazes the target. Left hand for Soriano. leg kick for Stoltzfus and a counter punch from Soriano.

Stoltzfus pumps out the jab. Body kick from Soriano and a right hand counter from Stoltzfus that’s blocked. leg kick for Stoltzfus. He does so again. Now a push kick.

leg kick for Soriano. One for Stoltzfus. Solid body kick for Stoltzfus. Soriano swinging hard but coming up sort.

Stoltzfus with a punch to the head and follows up with a nice takedown. Soriano back up facing the cage as Stoltzfus maintains a body lock. Stoltzfus trips him back to the mat, but Soriano gets up again. He tries to punch his way out of this spot, but Stoltzfus brings him down again and has his back.

Stoltzfus sinking in a rear-naked choke here. It’s not completely under the chin but he’s tightening it up anyway. Soriano looks like he’s hanging in there, but then there’s an adjustment and the arm slides under the chin and forces him to tap-out. Big rear-naked choke finish for Stoltzfus at 4.10mins of the 2nd round.

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