Dwight Grant Defeats Alan Jouban By Split Decision At UFC 236

Dwight Grant edged out a split decision victory over Alan Jouban tonight at UFC 236 in Atlanta.

Round One:

Jouban looking to lead the dance here. Jouban moving into range and then goes for the clinch. Jouban goes for the takedown and partially lands it, but Grant gets back up.

Grant lands and Jouban takes a step back and gets clipped again. Back to the center of the cage they go. Left hook from Grant, but almost loses balance attempting that.

Solid body kick for Jouban. Inside leg kick for Grant. Body kick for Grant too. Low leg kick for Grant and Jouban marches forward throwing punches and eats a big counter punch from Grant in return. He takes it well though.

Good inside low kick from Jouban. left hook for Grant. Another inside leg kick for him. Jouban tries a head kick that’s blocked.

Reaching right hands from Jouban and almost gets countered, but then comes in solidly with a left. Kick for Grant.

Uppercut for Grant. Leg kick for Jouban. he goes for another kick and almost eats a big counter. Jouban pressing forward aggressively at times, but has to be careful of those counters.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Grant. Now a push kick up high. Grant with big hooks that back up Jouban. Jouban regroups though and starts to pressure again.

Leg kick for Jouban. Straight left for him. Now a front kick to the body. Inside leg kick. Jab for JOuban now. Another jab lands. Inside leg kick from Grant and follows that up with one on the outside.

Good leg kick for Jouban and one in response from Grant. Grant looking to punch, but gets countered. Inside leg kick for Grant.

Body kick for Jouban. Jouban catches a kick briefly but then opts to just press Grant up against the cage. Looping punch to the body from Grant.

Kick for Jouban. Jouban slides out of danger from a Grant strike. Both men still looking to engage in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Grant pumps out the jab and then kicks to the legs to start the third. Uppercut for Grant. Leg kick for him. Leg kick for Jouban and Grant unleashes a short combo of punches.

Head kick attempt from Grant is blocked. Head kick attempt from Jouban. Low leg kick for Grant. Grant lands a punch after a blocked head kick.

Leg kick for Jouban. Leg kick again for him and just gets out of the way of Grant’s counter. Kick strays to the groin from Jouban and forces a stoppage.

Back to it they go. Leg kicks for Grant. Left just misses from Jouban and clipping right hand behind it.

Leg kick for Jouban. Leg kick for Grant. Left hand for Grant. Jouban pressing forward, but wary of Grant’s winging power. Spinning kick from JOuban misses. Body punch for Jouban. Another kick from Grant.

Final seconds of the round and Grant lands punches, only for Jouban to then catch him off-guard with a takedown and scramble onto his back. Grant rolls as Jouban looks to land strikes to end the round in the ascendancy.


Hard fight to judge then as neither fighter made a definitive impact, but it’s Grant who edges it on two of the judges scorecards to earn a split decision victory (29-28 x2, 27-30).

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