Edson Barboza Beats Makwan Amirkhani By Decision At UFC Fight Night 179

Edson Barboza sat down Makwan Amirkhani multiple times on his way to a unanimous decision victory tonight at UFC fight Night 179.

Round One:

Leg kick from Barboza. Another hard inside leg kick for him. Again he lands it quickly. jab from Amirkhani.

Quick body kick now from Barboza, but appeared to just graze the target. Front kick to the body now from him.

Hard punch to the body from Barboza. Amirkhani lands a crisp jab. Again with the front kick to the body by Barboaa and a punch to the midsection quickly behind it.

Amirkhani going for a single leg, but Barboza snakes his leg back out and gets out of danger. He lands a punch to the body.

Amirkhani with an uppercut as he closes the distance and work into the clinch, but Barboza shrugs him off.

Hard body kick for Barboza. Now a leg kick. Good right hand for Barboza gets Amirkhani’s attention. Powerful body kick from Barboza, but Amirkhani catches it and gets him to the mat to end the round in top position.

Round Two:

Right hand for Barboza. Now a leg kick. Amirkhani with a jab. Uppercut attempt from Amirkhani. Body kick for Barboza.

Outside leg kick for Barboza. Body punch now for the Brazilian. Missed front kick to the body from Amirkhani.

Inside leg kick from Barboza. Now one to the body. Powerful straight right from Barboza drops Amirkhani. He’s on his knees and Barboza tries for a choke. He might be thinking about an anaconda choke, but that’s an Amirkhani special and he’s not going out like that.

Amirkhani gets back up now. Barboza putting extra heat on his strikes now. Amirkhani goes for a takedown, but Barboza sprawls and they are back down in the same position again.

Amirkhani stands back up again. Barboza with another straight right that drops Amirkhani to his butt for a second time.

Amirkhani on his knees and Barboza is going for that anaconda choke again. This time he commits to it, but Amirkhani is able to escape.

Amirkhani working back up and is able to get Barboza down just at the end of the round.

Round Three:

Jab for Barboza. Now a kick. Glancing hook from Barboza during an exchange. Takedown attempt from Amirkhani and a great sprawl from Barboza.

Amirkhani with a flying knee attempt and then into the clinch and then works a takedown against the cage.

Barboza trying for a kimura attempt as Amirkhani works in half guard. Now Amirkhani gets free of the kimura and settles into full guard.

Barboza has an arm trapped and is hoping to lock him down here. Amirkhani stacks up. Barboza tries to go for a triangle choke, but Amirkhani is wise to it and settles back into the guard.

A few punches from Amirkhani now. Barboza trying to tie him up. Amirkhani with an elbow to the head. He stacks up again as the ref warns him to get busy or get stand up. he’s unable to do so and they do get stood up.

Exchange of punches and Barboza lands a left hook. Jumping front kick from Barboza. Grazing right hook from Amirkhani.

Another right hand drops Amirkhani just for a second. Fast combination of punches from Barboza seems to stun Amirkhani briefly but this time he stays upright and the fight continues until the final bell soon afterwards.


Good fight from Barboza then, showing off his clinical, hard-hitting striking that dropped Amirkhani multiple times, while also keeping his takedown defense sharp for the most part too on his way to a unanimous decision victory (30-26, 30-27, 29-28).

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