Enrique Barzola Earns Split Decision Win Over Bobby Moffett At UFC Fight Night 156

Enrique Barzola edged out a closely fought encounter with Bobby Moffett tonight at UFC Fight Night 156 by split decision.

Round One:

Early kick for Barzola and Moffett returns fire. Head kick attempt from Moffett is blocked. Back to a leg kick.

Another head kick attempt from Moffett is blocked. Superman punch lands for Barzola. Both men throwing strikes but coming up a bit short.

Barzola trying to stalk Moffett now. Uppercut for him. Jab lands. Uppercut from Moffett and a left hook behind it. Kick from Moffett caught by Barzola but doesn’t do anything with it.

Jab for Barzola. Punch and then a head kick attempt from Moffett. Leg kick for him. Short flurry from Barzola. Again back to that head kick following a punch from Moffett, but so far Barzola is guarding those attempts.

Body punch for Barzola. This time Barzola moves out of range as Moffett works that punch kick combo.

Body kick for Moffett. Right hook from Barzola. Punch and body kick from Moffett. Righht hand for him. Final 10 seconds of the round and immediately Barzola fires in for a takedown and lands it, though Moffett stands before the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Body punch for Barzola. Low leg kick for Moffett. Left hook for Barzola and then in on a takedown attempt. Moffett defends against the cage, but Barzola adjusts and does bring im down. Moffett quickly back up and moves away to striking range again.

Body punch for Barzola then they trade head strikes at close range without connecting. Body kick for Moffett. Moffett suddenly spins around to take Barzola’s back and moves him over to the cage. Barzola escapes though and then starts firing off straight punches.

TNice left hand for Barzola and then a solid right connects too. Again the left hook sneaks through for Barzola. Jab for Moffett. Again the left hand.

Moffett starting to lose his range a bit with strikes, so he tries for a takedown, but Barzola defends it and thhey stay upright.

Low kick for Moffett. Groin strike forces a brief stoppage for Barzola to recover.

On the restart Barzola steps into a big left hook that connects. Spinning kick to the body from Barzola, but Moffett responds with a punch.

Moffett connects with a left hook. Now a low kick. Right hook now. Barzola with punches and then tries for a head kick that’s blocked.

Moffett pressing forward and now it’s his turn to connect cleanly with some nice punches and a kick, which Barzola acknowledges and that just spurs Moffett on even more.

Final 10 seconds and again Barzola is instantly landing a takedown in the hopes of stealing the round.

Round Three:

Low kick for Moffett. Right hand from Barzola. Another leg kick for Moffett. He goes to that again and lands a body kick.

Body punch for Barzola as Moffett throws a kick. Superman punch lands again for Barzola. Now a punch. One-two for Barzola and then tries for tha takedown, but Moffett stuffs that and gets back up to press his opponent against the cage.

They soon back away to striking range and Moffett lands a solid jab. Body punch for Barzola. Uppercut for Moffett.

Spinning backfist for Barzola. Low leg kick for Moffett. Body kick for him. Back to the low kick. Body punches for Barzola.

Low leg kick for Moffett, punch returns from Barzola. Two punches land clean for Moffett. Barzola still pressing forward though.

Jab lands for Moffett. Clipping left hook for Barzola and then gets grazed by a punch in return. Barzola showing blood to the face now.

Jab lands again for Moffett. Front kick to the body from Barzola. Jabs landing for Moffett. Barzola motioning Moffett in and throws punches. Body kick apiece. Now Barzola in on a takedown again as the 10 second clapper sounds and he lands it, but again Moffett gets back upright before the fight ends.


Good competitive action here then and the judges are split in their decision, with Barzola ultimately emerging victorious (28-29, 30-27, 29-28).

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