Erin Blanchfield Submits Jessica Andrade In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 219

Erin Blanchfield picked up her biggest win yet tonight at UFC Fight Night 219 with a submission finish over Jessica Andrade in the main event.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Las Vegas.

Leg kick for Andrade. She lands another and then a solid punch. They both throw at close range and Andrade is threatening with hooks. Blanchfield not afraid though and is willing to trade.

Now Blanchfield opts to go into the clinch and runs Andrade over to the cage. However, Andrade soon pushes her away and gets back to striking range.

Andrade looking to let her hands go again but Blanchfield showing good composure under pressure and is landing her own punches.

Blanchfield attempting to get in on a takedown and Andrade stuffs it. One-two for Blanchfield. More punches for her and showing nice accuracy here.

Another exchange with both firing off strikes. Blanchfield lands punches that seemed to buckle Andrade’s leg for a brief moment.

Blanchfield staying active with her punches and Andrade threatens with an uppercut. Solid punch from Andrade connects.

Leg kick and a head kick immediately afterwards from Blanchfield. Andrade trying to load up on her power shots.

Blanchfield with a punch and Andrade lands a heavy counter punch, the hardest strike of the fight so far.

Nice right hand for BLanchfield. She clinches up and works for a takedown. They are spinning around the cage here as she works hard to land this but Andrade shows great balance to stay upright. She shoves Blanchfield away and they both look to land a final punch before the round ends.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt from Blanchfield but doesn’t connect. Blanchfield continuing to stay busy with her one-two’s, though not connecting as cleanly at the start of the second round.

Double jab and more punches behind it from Andrade, but more grazing blows than anything else. Andrade steps into a flurry, but Blanchfield counters with a nice trip takedown and immediately passes to side control.

Andrade trying to scramble up, but Blanchfield hops onto her back while sinking in the rear-naked choke and forces the tapout at 1.37mins of the second round.

Huge win for Blanchfield against a big name opponent, and with five UFC wins to her name now that should see her rocket up the flyweight rankings towards title contention.

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