Eryk Anders KO’s Tim Williams With Late Head Kick At UFC Fight Night 135

Eryk Anders left it late to find a finish against Tim Williams tonight at UFC Fight Night 135, delivering a head kick knockout deep into the third round.

Round One:

Body kick for Williams. Body punch for Anders and almost gets caught on the counter as he does so. Leg kick for Williams as he works on the outside.

Head kick attempt from Williams is blocked, but certainly got Anders attention. Body kick for Williams. Now a leg kick. Anders waiting for a big punch.

Into the clinch they go and there’s a good knee to the body from Anders. Williams pressing him against the cage and works some knees to the legs.

Anders pushes away and gets back to striking range. Punch from Williams as they get in close and clinch once again. Punch again from Williams and then Anders gets back out.

Anders taking the center of the Octagon, but not yet finding much in the way of big shots. Williams with another body kick. Anders steps in with a punch. Williams lands a counter.

Kick off the arm from Williams. Low leg kick from him knocks Anders off-balance. Anders looks to unleash punches and Williams matches him.

Straight punch down the pipe from Williams and Anders took a step backwards. Williams goes for the clinch and tries for a takedown and successfully manages to bring Anders to the mat. Not long to go in the round though and Anders is just rolling out and kicking his opponent away as the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Williams slips a punch and lands a knee to the body. Leg kick for Williams. Punch lands for Anders, but Williams comes back with two of his own.

High kick attempt from Williams is blocked. Now a leg kick. Williams back to the clinch against the cage. He goes for a takedown and lands it.

Anders stands but Williams looks to hop onto his back as he does so. He can’t quite take it and comes back off. He lands a knee to the body and then backs away.

Hard left hand lands for Anders. Soon after he connects with another. Now a head kick that just misses but may have grazed his nose just a little.

Anders finally getting some momentum and landing better strikes. Williams bleeding from a cut on the face now. Williams goes for a takedown and it’s mostly stuffed from Anders.

Williams with his back to the mat though and Anders follows him momentarily then backs up.

Anders landing heavy shots again and Williams face is smeared with blood. Anders connects with a punch and misses with another. Another head kick goes wide this time.

Solid left hand for Anders and Williams is looking to throw too as they end the round.

Round Three:

Williams feeling out with the jab to start. Huge left from Anders as Williams steps in for a kick and that floors him. Williams on his back and still has his wits about him. He manages to stand back up.

Leg kick for Williams and then another. left hand for Williams as Anders throws one of his own. Good right hand for Williams now. Then back to the leg kick.

Body kick for Williams and Anders misses with a straight punch. Williams hands flash out again. Anders with blood from his nose now.

Excellent counter left response from Anders to a leg kick. Tired looking kick from Williams. Anders misses a punch and Williams times a takedown from that, but Anders does a very good job of stuffing that one and getting back upright.

Straight left for Williams. Knee to the body for Williams. Spinning backfist from Williams. Knee from Anders and then a push sends Williams to the mat.

He scrambles to get back up and Anders kicks him in the head as he’s doing so and that knocks him out at 4.42mins of the third round! Was Williams back off the mat at the time or was that an illegal strike? THe replay suggests his hand was indeed coming off the mat just as the kick landed!

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