Felice Herrig Defeats Justine Kish By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 112

Felice Herrig continued her recent run of form tonight at UFC Fight Night 112 with a convincing win on the scorecards against Justine Kish.

Round One:

Body kick for herrig. Now a kick upstaits from Kish. They get into the clinch and Kish is looking for a takedown, but they scramble on the mat and Herrig takes her back and is immediately looking for a potential rear-naked choke.

They stand back-up though and Herrig is remaining clinched up. Herrig trying for a takedown, but Kish is defending for now and when they do hit the mat she almost gets on top.

However, Herrig does well to stay in a dominant position and stays there as Kish tries to muscle her way out of this position.

Herrig showing good technique on top though and manages to transition to full mount. She’s landing ground and pound now. Kish manages to get out of that tough spot, but it’s not long before Herrig has her back and is looking for the rear-naked choke again.

Herrig doesn’t have it there, but again goes back to it, but slips off and allows Kish to get on top.

Herrig able to stand and lands a few strikes, then presses forward into another takedown, but Kish reverses that as they hit the mat.

Final stages of the round and Herrig is looking to keep Kish up against the cage, but it seems like Kish has the strength advantage.

Round Two:

Kish lands a leg kick. Now a right hook and another leg kick. Hard body kick lands too. Right hgand for Kish, but left hook counter connects for Herrig. She connects with the left hook again.

Both women landing with punches here. Kish has some blood to the right side of her eye. Nice right hand for Kish, but Herrig is finding a home for that left hook again.

Now a right hand and the left hook to follow for Herrig. Big knee upstairs for Kish. Kish into the clinch and lands a knee, then whips herrig to the side.

Kish looking aggressive, but soon after Herrig lands a nice takedown. 90 seconds of the round remaining as Herrig works from half-guard.

Herrig attempt to pass to full mount, but settles for side control. Quickly she takes Kish’s back. Kish nicely manages to turn and get on top.

30 seconds of the round remaining and Herrig tries for an armbar. Kish gets out of that though and ends the round stepping into full mount and landing a few ground and pound strikes to the head.

Round Three:

Body kick from Kish. Now she gets home with a left hook. Another couple of punches land, but Herrig is then able to land a key takedown.

Herrig in half guard here and then steps to full mount. Kish gives up her back with four minutes remaining, then full mount again.

Kish manages to scramble back to her feet, but Herrig is still on her and jumps onto her back with a rear-naked choke attempt.

This looks tight and Kish drops to the mat trying to shake off Herrig, but she’s continuing to work this choke. Dangerous times for Kish, but she just manages to escape.

Herrig still on top though and takes full mount, landing solid ground and pound. Kish gets her back to half guard. Final 90 seconds of the round.

Herrig takes Kish’s back again. She lands ground and pound to the head. Herrig ends the round on top in a dominant position.


No doubt about the winner her and Herrig claims a well-earned unanimous decision victory (30-26 x2, 29-27).

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