Felicia Spencer TKO’s Leah Letson In Final Round At UFC Fight Night 197

Felicia Spencer sought to clinch up with Leah Letson early and often tonight at UFC Fight Night 197, but she wasn’t content to just grind out a win, instead feeding her opponent a steady diet of strikes at close range, before eventually getting her down in the final round and finding a TKO finish.

Round One:

Spencer pushing the pace immediately as she presses forward with punches. Not to much landing though, but she does then clinch up against the cage and starts to work for a takedown, while landing some knees to the thigh.

Letson keeping upright for now and gets some space to land a few knees to the body. Spencer continues working for a takedown attempt though and is applying plenty of pressure. A few short strikes for Spencer to the head now. She continues doing so and then is in on a single leg, but good balance from Letson to stay upright.

Letson bleeding from the nose now though due to those short punches. Elbow lands for Spencer. Letson trying hard to get away from the cage, but unable to do so. Spencer landing a few low kicks now. Another elbow connects now.

Finally Letson manages to circle away from the cage, but Spencer remains clinched up as they get to the center of the Octagon and then drives her back into the cage again.

There’s a little seperation for a moment and Spencer lands a nice hook, then straight back into the clinch. Nice knees to the body from her now. Two good elbow strikes land. effective clinch striking from Spencer as hse lands another couple of good elbows to end the round.

Round Two:

Spencer comes out fast again pumping out the jab. Letson with a leg kick, but Spencer immediately drives back into the clinch against the cage again.

Spencer with a big takedown at last, but Letson gets back up quickly. Spencer attempts to drag her down again, but almost gives up top position there, before readjusting to ensure she maintains the upperhand, but Letson gets up again.

Back into the clinch now and Letson just can’t get any space here . Letson does land some light punches to the head, but then Spencer starts connecting with her own while still maintaining good head pressure, and Letson’s nose continues to trickle blood.

Spencer tries for a single, doesn’t get it, but then tries again and eventually does land a takedown by going for a double. Letson stands up quickly though and they are back to the clinch again. Spencer in complete control here, even if she’s not getting as much mat time as she’d like.

Finally Letson breaks away, but as she looks for a kick, Spencer works a nice takedown attempt. Letson on her knees and Spencer lands some punches to the head. Letson stands, but eats a knee as she does so as the round ends.

Round Three:

Spencer drives in again, but this time Letson greets her with straight punches and kicks too. Then she throws another surprise by driving forward into a takedown of her own and all credit to her as she’s caught Spencer off-guard and gets her down.

Great work from Spencer though as she uses her hooks to elevate Letson and then transition on top. Letson on her knees and Spencer lands punches. Letson stands but she’s still under fire here as Spencer throws heavy punches and some knees.

letson turns into her, but Spencer’s workrate with dirty boxing in the clinch is impressive. Elbow lands. Now another heavy one as Letson’s face becomes increasingly bloodied.

Hard left and right elbows from Spencer. Letson has a little space, but Spencer is just relentless and goes for a big takedown and lands it. Spencer in half-guard and she’s continuing to work at a high tempo with strikes.

Spencer gets into full mount and rains down heavy elbows, which convinces the referee that it’s time to end this fight and put Letson out of her misery for a TKO Finish at 4.25mins of Rd3. She certainly earned that stoppage with her hard work from start to finish.

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