Felicia Spencer TKO’s Zarah Fairn dos Santos In First Round At UFC Fight Night 169

Felicia Spencer made short work of Zarah Fairn dos Santos tonight at UFC FIght Night 169, beating her up with ground and pound for a first round TKO finish.

Round One:

Spencer pumps out the jab and then works a left high kick to start the fight. Jab from dos Santos and then an uppercut.

Spencer pumping out the left and right hand but eats a punch from the longer fighter. Right hand for Spencer though.

Spencer able to get into the clinch now against the cage. Dos Santos managing to stay upright for now as Spencer continues to work the takedown and gets it at the second attempt.

Spencer already into full mount here with over half a round remaining. Spencer landing ground and pound now and dos Santos is in a lot of trouble.

Big elbows land for Spencer and dos Santos seems very much out of her element here. More punches rain down as dos Santos turns her back, then back to the mount for more punishment.

This isn’t easy to watch, dos Santos is just being completely outclassed on the mat as these punches and elbows land and finally the fight is waved off, handing Spencer a quick and decisive TKO victory.

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