Fernando Padilla TKO’s Julian Erosa In 1st Round At UFC Fight Night 223

Fernando Padilla showed off laser-accurate punches tonight at UFC Fight Night 223 that led him to a first round TKO finish of Julian Erosa.

Round One:

Heavy leg kick from Erosa to start. Padilla pops out the jab. Now a push kick from him. Nice short right from Padilla as Erosa was looking to attack.

Jab for Erosa. calf kick for Padilla. Jab from Padilla as Erosa looked for a kick. Low kick from Padilla. Erosa lands a punch and Padilla counters with the jab.

Low kick from Padilla. Now a hard flurry of accurate punches from Padilla and Erosa is hurt and backing up to the cage, only to eat another hard one-two that buckles his legs. Erosa is tough as nails though and somehow stops himself from falling the mat and tries to get a takedown.

Padilla not letting him off the hook though and blasts him with another hard punch that buckles Erosa’s legs for a second time. The ref immediately steps in and waves off the fight, though Erosa is still on his feet and protesting. Perhaps an early TKO stoppage there at 1.41mins of the opening round, but Erosa had definitely been rocked a couple of times there and was getting pieced up.

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