Floyd Mayweather And Dana White Working On Major Event For 2020

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather has revealed that he’s coming out of retirement in 2020, while at the same time also teasing a collaboration with UFC President Dana White on a blockbuster event.

Mayweather and White had been pictured together taking in a game between the L.A. Clippers and Boston Celtics on Wednesday night and it seems like it was more than just a friendly get-together.

“@danawhite and I working together again to bring the world another spectacular event in 2020. #boxing #UFC #mma #mayweatherpromotions,” Mayweather wrote on Twitter.

The 42-year-old Mayweather followed that up with the news that he’s strapping back on his gloves in the coming year.

“Coming out of retirement in 2020,” Mayweather wrote.

Bizzarely, just hours earlier Mayweather had told ESPN that he wasn’t going to fight again.

“You have got to know when to hang it up,” Mayweather had said. “I had a great career.”

However, he did indicate that he would still entertain the idea of exhibition bouts, like the one he had against Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan back in late 2017.

“I’ll still travel and do exhibitions. I make great money doing exhibitions — between $10 [million] and $30 million dollars. I think I make more doing that than most fighters make fighting.”

So, ready between the lines, it’s quite possible that White is looking to have Mayweather do an exhibition boxing bout against a UFC star.

The news comes at a time when White has made it clear he’s actively looking to branch out to promoting boxing events, while Mayweather told ESPN that he does intend to move into the MMA space as a promoter as well when the time is right.

“Eventually I will move on to build my brand in MMA, but for right now I’m in boxing, and boxing will always be at the top as long as I’m involved,” Mayweather said.

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