Floyd Mayweather’s Uncle Admits The Star Would Struggle In MMA Fight With Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather may be dropping hints left, right and center that he is considering fighting Conor McGregor in an MMA match, but his uncle, respected coach and former fighter Jeff Mayweather has admitted that the boxing legend would have a hard time in the cage.

“He has a chance because, first of all, he’s way faster than Conor, he’s way more elusive than Conor, and he punches harder than Conor,” Mayweather told boxing insider Jody Kohn.

“It’s about no f—king shoulder roll. It’s about Floyd using his legs, being smart. If Floyd gets kicked or elbowed or gets kneed, anything like that, of course, the chances are he’s gonna lose.

“If Floyd uses his legs – and I’m talking about to f—king dance around (and move), ain’t no f—king running around. This is part of boxing, (and) MMA fighters do it too. But they can’t do it as well as him, and that’s the difference.

“As long as he does that, he gives himself a chance. He gives himself a chance because he keeps it within striking distance. But if Floyd gets taken down, the fight’s gonna be over.”

Mayweather also took to the gym to ask other boxers what they think of Mayweather’s chances in an MMA fight with McGregor, and as you’ll see below, the vast majority of them were also unconvinced that ‘Money’ would be able to beat ‘The Notorious’ at his own game.

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