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Francis Ngannou Demolishes Alistair Overeem With Brutal One-Punch KO At UFC 218

Francis Ngannou confirmed himself as the UFC’s next heavyweight title challenger tonight at UFC 218 with a savage first round knockout against Alistair Overeem.

Round One:

Overeem comes lunging in with a left hook to start, but Ngannou avoids it. Now Overeem is trying to go into the clinch looking for a potential takedown, but Ngannou muscles him into the cage.

Ngannou with a foot stomp. He looks big even compared to Overeem. The ref isn’t happy with the stalemate in the clinch and opts to seperate them.

Ngannou lands a nasty left hookand all but takes Overeem’s head off, sending him crashing to the canvas unconscious and then lands a big hammerfist on the mat before the referee can get in to end the fight by KO at 1.43mins of Rd1.

This was exactly the kind of win Ngannou needed to firmly establish himself as the most exciting emerging force at heavyweight in years, ensuring that a title shot with Stipe Miocic is now guaranteed in 2018.

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