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Gabriel Benitez Earns Convincing Decision Win Over Jason Knight At UFC Fight Night 123

Gabriel Benitez looked good tonight at UFC Fight Night 123 with his crisp counter-striking troubling Jason Knight throughout their three round encounter.

Round One:

Knight immediately wades forward with straight punches. Leg kick for Benitez. Two right hands for Knight. Body strikes for Benitez.

Right hand lands for Knight and buckles Benitez’s legs, though he rights himself quickly and smiles. Knight working for a takedown, but suddenly the ref is calling for a stoppage and Benitez is wincing in pain while clutching his hand.

There’s confusion as to what happened there and eventually it transpires that Knight bit Benitez! Knight swears that he didn’t mean it, but a point is deducted nonetheless.

Back to it they go and it’s not long before Knight is in trying for a takedown against the cage again. He tries for a throw, but only succeeds in dragging Benitez down on top of him. Benitez looking to take advantage of this unexpected position, but Knight is able to stand soon afterwards.

Back to striking range they go and Knight is looking to land big strikes again, but Benitez catches him with a punch and stuns him momentarily, then lands a few more behind it.

Body kick for Benitez. Good left hand from him too. Now a chopping leg kick. Knight tries for another takedown and doesn’t get it.

Benitez looking to work punches. Knight reaching in for a final takedown attempt, but gets caught with a hook.

Round Two:

Both men connect with punches to start the second, with Knight seeming to get the worst of it. Another punch lands for Benitez.

Again Benitez connects with a couple of punches then backs off. Jabs and then a straight left for Benitez. Now a leg kick. Body kick for Knight.

Very nicely timed takedown attempt from Knight and he lands it. However, Benitez is very quickly back to his feet. Knight stays on him and works against the cage though. He’s looking for the takedown again, but Benitez ends up on top.

Knight working for a submission and so Benitez ups to just stand up and go back to striking. Knight trying to work his punches, but it’s Benitez who is landing the crisper strikes at this stage in the fight.

left hand for Benitez. Aggressive punches from Knight, but they don’t find the mark. Benitez is finding his range better though.

Eye poke catches Benitez as he lands a body punch and forces a stoppage. Thankfully he’s ok to continue after being checked out by the doc though.

Leg kick for Knight. He misses with a couple of punches and tries for a push kick that’s caught by Benitez. Knight back to trying to throw punches, but gets caught with a counter.

Knight reels off a few punches from Knight against the cage. Flurry of punches all find the mark from Benitez. Solid leg kick from him. Final left hook lands for Benitez to puncuate a good round for him.

Round Three:

Right hand for Knight. Benitez almost catches a front kick. Body kick for Knight, Body punch for Benitez. Head kick lands for Benitez. Knight with a couple of punches.

Slip from Benitez after a kick. left hand gets through for Benitez. Right hook lands for Knight. Knight with a couple more punches, but Benitez also lands a counter.

Wild swing from Knight. Benitez keeps just landing crisp, concise punches. Knight marching forward, but Benitez bundles him to the mat. He gets back up and is getting even more sloppy with his strikes. Head kick attempt from Benitez as Knight turns his back momentarily.

Benitez with the takedown and then backs up and out again. Knight keeps getting caught as he moves forward into range. Again a couple of punches land. Now a big head kick from Benitez that Knight only just blocks in time. Body kick for Benitez.

Knight pulls guard while under attack and immediately tries to manufacture a submission in the final 10 seconds of the fight, but it’s not going to happen.


Quality performance from Benitez here, working well off the counter to punish the overly aggressive Knight, leading him to a unanimous decision victory (30-26 x2, 29-27).

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