Glover Teixeira Beats Up Anthony Smith For Late TKO Stoppage At UFC Fight Night 171

Glover Teixeira had to weather early offense from Anthony Smith in the main event of UFC Fight Night 171 tonight in Jacksonville, but he gradually turned the tide and put a beating on ‘Lionheart’ before finally finishing him by TKO in the fifth round.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Jacksonville, Florida!

Smith with a hard right hand to start. Calf kick now. He starts to pump the jab. Another left hand from Smith.

The jab continuing to be utilized by Smith and then a hard right hand. he’s definitely the quicker man here. More jabs. Teixeira swings for the fences but misses.

Crisp combo from Smith. Right hook and then jabs for Smith. He tries a head kick. Teixeira lands to the body, but then Smith comes back with a more potent combination.

Teixeira trying to apply pressure against the cage, but an uppercut lands to the groin and forces a stoppage to give time for Smith to recover.

Smith takes a few minutes and then they go back to it. Smith lands a nice right hand. Smith feeling out with the jab and then lands it.

Right hand gets through from Smith now. Two hard outside leg kicks from Teixeira. Smith steps into a right hand then another and a kick behind it.

Another straight right from Smith. Body punch from Teixeira. Body kick from Smith. Grazing right hand now and then a head kick attempt that’s blocked.

Back to the jab now for Smith. He lands it again. Teixeira with a low kick. Straight right for Smith and then the jab.

Outside leg kick for Smith. Nice left hand from Teixeira and then he lands it again and Smith falls back against the cage grimacing, but then resets and seems ok.

Spinning kick to the body from Teixeira misses and they clinch up just as the round ends.

Round Two:

Left hook for Teixeira. Straight right from Smith. Jab for Smith. Low kick from Teixeira. Body punches from Teixeira.

Elbow from Smith and then a straight punch. Right hook for Smith. Straight right connects. He tries for a knee to the body, but his head is vulnerable.

Uppercut for Smith and a punch for Teixeira in return. Nice right hand from Smith and then a front kick to the body.

Teixeira closes the distance, but then backs up. A few right hands from Smith and then a kick.

Smith with a body kick. Two straight rights with a front kick to the body inbetween. Right hand for Smith and then a heavier overhand right behind it. Teixeira’s eye seemed to swell partially closed from that.

However, Teixeira then wades forward and starts to throw hard left and rights against the cage and Smith is now on the defensive. More big punches from Teixeira, but Smith remains upright and survives that onslaught.

Smith looking tired and then Teixeira lands a head kick. Straight right from Smith and a leg kick.

Spinning back kick from Teixeira just misses Smith. Teixeira backs Smith up and lands to the head. he does another spinning back kick. They move in close as the round comes to an end.

Round Three:

Nice crisp jab from Smith. leg kick for Teixeira. Heavy body kick from Teixeira, but Smith catches it and sends him to the mat. however, Teixeira is quickly back up.

Smith keeping his left hand extended and then lands a right hand. A big left hook to the right eye lands from Teixeira and Smith clutches his face in pain. Smith in real trouble here and Teixeira wades in and lands more blows. Smith goes down and the fight could be over, but the ref is giving him some time to recover and he uses it, attempting to defend himself.

Smith hanging in there, but Teixeira is on top and blasts him with a big elbow. Smith fighting hard to survive and is able to walk up the cage and get to his knees. Teixeira still heavy on top though, preventing him from standing.

Teixeira landing knees to the body of the grounded Smith. Now a few left hooks. Still 90 seconds of the round remaining and Smith is getting beat up.

More hooks from Teixeira and then taking Smith’s back and continuing to land punches. Smith bleeding from the ear now.

Smith remaining turtled up and defending as best he can. Teixeira threatening with a choke and then immediately back to landing hammerfists. Smith rolls to his back. Teixeira landing elbows as the round ends.

Round Four:

Big uppercut from Teixeira and Smith moves wearily backwards. Teixeira lands again. Nice elbow from Smith. Now a jab.

Uppercut from Teixeira and then a big knee too. Smith not giving up though and lands a big left hook. Teixeira hammers him again with a punch though and seems to wilt the former title contender who goes to the mat bleeding.

Teixeira taking Smith’s back as he’s turtled up. Teixeira backs up and lets Smith stand.

Jabs for Teixeira. Hard one-two for Smith. left hook to the chin from Teixeira. Smith looks exhausted. Hands down he eats a punch.

Teixeira lands an uppercut and then a takedown. Teixeira in half-guard. He drops down some heavy elbows. A couple of left hands land for the Brazilian.

Teixeira trying to get into mount now as he lands punches, but Smith survives to the end of the round.

“My teeth are falling out,” Smith informs his corner inbetween rounds – never a good sign, but the corner doesn’t pay that much attention and he gets sent out for the final five minutes.

Round Five

Jab lands for Smith. He backs up as Teixeira lands a punch. The fight goes to the mat with Teixeira on top. Teixeira moves to full mount and starts landing punches and thankfully the ref quickly decides to end this one, handing Teixeira a well-earned TKO finish.

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