Glover Teixeira Submits Jan Blachowicz To Become New 205lb Champ At UFC 267

Brazilian veteran Glover Teixeira is the UFC’s new light-heavyweight champion after he submitted Jan Blacowicz in the second round of today’s UFC 267 main event from Fight Island.

Round One:

The main event light-heavyweight title fight is underway from Fight Island!

Blachowicz lands the jab to start. Teixeira with the jab too and a leg kick. Teixeira throws a punch then ducks under and works for a takedown. Teixeira takes his time and then brings the champ down with a double-leg.

Teixeira working in the center of the Octagon inside Blachowicz’s guard. Blachowicz doing his best to stifle Teixeira’s offensive options by tying up his arms as much as possible.

Teixeira puts the forearm into Blachowicz’s neck, making life uncomfortable for the champion. The occasional elbow or punch from Teixeira, but nothing too meaningful yet.

45 seconds left in the round and Teixeira lands a nice elbow. Teixeira cranking Blachowicz’s neck to end the round.

Round Two:

Jab for Blachowicz. He lands it again. Body punch from Teixeira and tries to land more behind it without success. Nice combo from Blachowicz.

Jab from Teixeira. Punches land cleanly for Blachowicz. Uppercut from Blachowicz as Teixeira is coming forward. Teixeira works in looking for another takedown, but Blachowicz is ready for him this time and keeps the fight standing and reverses the clinch position.

They go back to striking range. Teixeira attempts a takedown again and Blachowicz stuffs it well. Jabs from Blachowicz. Punch for Teixeira. Left hook from Teixeira wobbles Blachowicz.

Blachowicz lands a punch that gets Teixeira’s attention. Still, Blachowicz doesn’t look entirely steady and backs up, leading to Teixeira working for another takedown.

Teixeira lands a nice single leg and then works to the champion’s back. Teixeira flattens him out with relative ease and then sinks in a rear-naked choke that forces a swift tapout from Blachowicz at 3.02mins of the second round.

At 42-years-old Glover Teixeira is your new light-heavyweight champion of the world!

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