Greg Hardy Defeats Ben Sosoli By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 6

Greg Hardy earned a unanimous decision victory over Ben Sosoli tonight at UFC On ESPN 6, but the real talking point of the fight was a moment of controversy between rounds when Hardy took out an inhaler and used it, claiming it was “USADA approved.”

Round One:

Leg kick for Hardy and a punch in return from Sosoli. Left hand lands for Sosoli. Head kick attempt from Hardy just grazes past his opponent’s head.

Jab for Hardy. Left hand for Sosoli. Leg kick for him and then tries to wade in with a big left that misses.

Hard inside leg kick from Hardy. Jab for Hardy. Sosoli lets the left hand fly. Body punch from him now. Right hand for Hardy and now a quick left.

Inside leg kick lands hard again for Hardy. A couple of big uppercuts connect now. Body punch from Hardy now.

Missed leg kick this time from Hardy. Overhand attempt from Sosoli. Good right hook for Hardy. Now a solid jab.

Again a right hand for Hardy. Hardy starting to showboat a little here, dancing around light on his feet in the final seconds of the round. Sosoli wincing at damage to his right eye which may have come from an eye poke as he heads back to his corner.

Round Two:

Jab for Hardy. Body kick for Hardy now. Outside leg kick connects. Superman punch attempt from the former NFL player.

Leg kick for Hardy. Sosoli struggling to get anythhing going against the bigger man in this second round. Hardy back to the leg kicks.

Nice inside leg kick for Hardy. Now a body kick for good measure. Left and right hook lands for Sosoli.

Leg kick for Hardy, but Sosoli landed a counter punch there too. Inside leg kick again for Hardy. left hand for Hardy and an overhand counter from Sosoli doesn’t land clean.

Solid inside leg kick for Hardy. Jab lands solidly for Hardy. Sosoli wading forward into danger, but not able to land anything meaningful. He rushes forward again and Hardy just moves out the way. Sosoli tries a kick upstairs that misses.

Round Three:

Inbetween rounds Hardy asked if he could use his inhaler and claimed it was USAD approved and then took a puff from it. Very strange, I’ve never seen that happen before.

Back to the action and not much happening in the opening minute of the round.

Hardy working the jab to the head and then one to the body. Kick to the body from him now.

leg kick from Hardy and a nice punch lands for Sosoli. Left hand for Sosoli. Right hand for Hardy.

Kick for Hardy and a left hand from Sosoli. He lands another kick and Sosoli falls to the mat but stands straight back up.

Another powerful inside leg kick from Hardy. Right hand for Sosoli. Sosoli closes the distance and catches Hardy with a left hook.

Hardy on his bike now using movement and Sosoli is motioning him to come and fight him. Hardy continues to just stay moving on the outside though and gets clipped again with a left hand. The end of the round is near though and he seems happy to take this one to the scorecards.


Hardy earns the unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3) then, but big questions will now be asked as to whether it was legal for him to use an inhaler inbetween rounds.

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