Greg Hardy Disqualified For Illegal Knee Against Allen Crowder At UFC On ESPN+ 1

Disgraced former NFL star Greg Hardy did little to repair his reputation tonight at UFC On ESPN+ 1, with an illegal knee in the second round against Allen Crowder leading to him being disqualified.

Round One:

Crowder with a left hand and then Hardy is firing back. Big right hands from Hardy close to the cage, but Crowder survives.

Crowder gets into the clinch and presses him to the cage. Big hammerfist from Hardy. He gets space and tees off again. Left hand for Hardy.

Jab for Hardy. Now a leg kick. Another jab connects. Crowder thinks about a takedown, but then aborts on it and Hardy lands a knee.

Crowder able to land a takedown. Hardy elbowing and then starts to work to his feet, but as he does so Crowder brings him back down and moves into side control.

Crowder now gets the crucifix and that puts hardy in a real bad spot. However, he starts to cage walk and manages to get out of that vulnerable position, then gets to his feet.

Crowder attempts to drag Hardy back to his feet but it doesn’t pay off. Crowder jumps for a guillotine choke, but Hardy shakes him off and ends up on top.

Final minute of the round. Hammerfists from Hardy. Elbow from Crowder. Crowder scrambles to his knees and drives up against the cage. Hardy turns and lands a punch before the round ends.

Round Two:

Missed left hook from Crowder. Front kick to the body from Hardy. Superman punch for Hardy. Now a jab. Crowder fires back. Right hand for him.

Left hook for Hardy. He’s pacing himself a lot more this round after breathing heavy inbetween rounds. Jab for Hardy. Now a straight right.

Glancing right hand from Crowder. Right hand for Hardy. Crowder talking trash in the center of the cage. He’s keeping his hands low, taunting Hardy then comes barreling forward throwing punches.

Crowder looking for the takedown, but Hardy stuffs it. Crowder looking to get back to his feet, but with one knee still on the mat Hardy opts to throw a an illegal knee to the temple that floors Crowder and immediately leads to referee Dan Miragliotta charging in to shove Hardy aside and halt the action.

Miragliotta isn’t happy and says he’ll end the fight by DQ if Crowder isn’t fit to continue. They wait and indeed Crowder is unable to fight on and so this fight is over, with Hardy being disqualified due to the illegal blow, meaning that Crowder is declared the winner with 2.28mins of the second round gone.

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