Gregor Gillespie Submits Vince Pichel In Second Round At UFC Fight Night 131

Gregor Gillespie used his wrestling to completely dominate Vince Pichel on the mat tonight at UFC Fight Night 131, before securing a submission finish deep into the second round.

Round One:

Pichel with a right hand. Left gets through for Gillespie. Gillespie then goes in for a single-leg takedown and gets Pichel to the mat.

Gillespie moves to side control close to the cage. A few punches from Gillespie to the head. Pichel spins to his knees and Gillespie thinks about a choke, but then lets it go.

Pichel back up and Gillespie is pressuring him with punches and then another takedown. Pichel to his knees and Gillespie has a potential submission oportunity but doesn’t opt to go for it.

Pichel stands and eats a big knee from Gillespie and then brings him down. half guard now for Gillespie. Great job of moving into mount from Gillespie.

Pichel does well to scramble and get to his knees, then back to his feet. Gillespie with a takedown attempt, but this time it doesn’t work out.

Pichel tries to come forward and Gillespie is back in on the takedown attempt. it doesn’t work out at first, but he continues to work for it and lands it.

Gillespie commits to an anaconda choke attempt, but there’s not enough time left in the round to finish it.

Round Two:

Pichel barreling into some early strikes. However, Gillespie then easily takes him down again, in the center of the cage this time.

Pichel as has become custom now rolls to his knees and Gillespie has the front choke if he wants it. Instead he spins around to Pichel’s back.

He stays heavy on his back and he briefly goes down, leading to some solid ground and pound, before standing again. Gillespie opts to hop onto Pichel’s back now and he goes to his knees.

Gillespie lets go of his hooks, but is still clinched up to Pichel’s back and he goes back down again. Pichel tries to roll, but Gillespie gets to side control.

Gillespie goes to half-guard, then slides towards full mount. He’s working for an arm-triangle choke and suddenly he secures it and it’s not long before Pichel opts to tap out at 4.06mins of the second round!

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