Gregor Gillespie TKO’s Carlos Diego Ferreira At UFC On ESPN 24

What an insane tempo this fight was fought at, and despite Carlos Diego Ferreira appearing to be the fresher man heading into the second round after some frenetic scrambles on the mat, it was Gregor Gillespie who dug deep and broke his opponents will to earn the TKO victory.

Round One:

Gillespie takes the center of the Octagon to start. Ferreira pumps out the jab and Gillespie does likewise. Quick flurry of punches from Gillespie.

Inside low kick from Gillespie. Long right hand from Ferreira. Front kick to the body from Gillespie. He goes for that again. Overhand left from Ferreira.

Gillespie in on a single leg, but Ferreira survives the first attempt, only to be taken down on the second try. Ferreira working a potential leg lock. They go back upright for a moment then back down. Scrambling action here and then back to striking range.

Ferreira connects on a punch. Another solid punch lands for him. Encouraging moments for him. Gillespie drives into another takedown and gets it, but Ferreira is doing a good job of working back up and actually starts working into the crucifix. They scramble and end up in a 50/50 position on the mat and eventually go back upright.

Gillespie quickly in on another takedown. Ferreira scrambling, but Gillespie tries to keep him down and succeeds, only to then hop onto his opponent’s back and then slide off, allowing Ferreira to get on top.

Frantic pace being pushed here and Ferreira is doing very well in the scrambles, and ends the round having landed some good elbows and then flattened Gillespie out while working on the rear-naked choke. Gillespie wobbling a bit on his way back to the stool inbetween rounds.

Round Two:

Ferreira looking to continue to trouble Gillespie on the feet. Gillespie with a solid front kick to the body. One-two from Ferreira.

Gillespie in on a takedown and doesn’t get it. He backs up and then works another takedown. He has to work hard for it, but this time he gets it. However he’s having a really tough time controlling Ferreira on the mat. Intense scrambling here as Ferreira works a kimura sweep. Just as he looks as if he’s going to get a spell of top control Gillespie gets back on top.

Finally Gillespie is able to keep Ferreira down for more than few seconds. However, it’s not long before he does find some space and stands up, but with Gillespie still pressed up on him. They roll to the canvas and Gillespie is staying on top. They scramble for the millionth time in the fight and Gillespie gets the hooks in as he get the back somewhat securely.

Yet another scramble and Ferreira seems to be wilting now. On the other hand Gillespie is somehow continuing to push an insane pace despite having looked absolutely exhausted at the end of the first round.

Gillespie flattens out Ferreira and starts to blast him with hard ground and pound punches and elbows. Ferreira not really attempting to get out of this bad position and so the ref steps in and waves the fight off. Impressive stuff from Gillespie to break Ferreira’s will and secure a TKO stoppage victory.

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