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Gregor Gillespie TKO’s Jordan Rinaldi In Opening Round At UFC On FOX 27

Gregor Gillespie’s dominant wrestling proved too much for Jordan Rinaldi tonight at UFC On FOX 27, leading to a TKO stoppage late in the opening round.

Round One:

Early leg kick for Rinaldi. He misses with an overhand right. Straight left gets through for Gillespie. Head kick partially lands for Rinaldi.

Nice punch connects for Gillespie. Knee attempt from Rinaldi is caught by Gillespie, who tries for a takedown off it, but can’t get him down.

However, it’s not long before Gillespie goes for another single-leg and this time does bring down Rinaldi in the center of the cage. Gillespire patiently transitions to side control. He waits for the opportune moment and then steps into full mount with half the round remaining.

Still Gillespie takes his time and Rinaldi gives up his back. He moves onto his back again and temporarily has Gillespie back in half guard, but methodically Gillespie switches to side control and then full mount again.

Rinaldi trying to get back up and gets to his knees, but Gillespie is permanently attached to him. He flattens Rinaldi out on his stomach and starts thundering down ground and pound strikes until the referee steps in to put Rinaldi out of his misery, handing Gillespie a dominant first round TKO victory.

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