Gregory Rodrigues Brutally KO’s Julian Marquez In 1st Roud At UFC On ESPN 37

Gregory Rodrigues battered Julian Marquez from pillar to post before securing a KO finish in the first round of their fight tonight at UFC On ESPN 37.

Round One:

Leg kick for Marquez. He lands that again. One-two connects down the pipe for Rodrigues.

Right hand and a left hook for Rodrigues is only partially blocked. He lands another big punch and puts Marquez back on his feels for a moment.

Rodrigues with lots of confidence here as he continues to let his hands go. Marquez trying to trade, but eats a big punch and goes down.

Rodrigues hops onto his back as Marquez is standing back up. He’s looking to work his submission game now, but Marquez is able to break free.

Rodrigues has absolute thunder in his punches and it’s not long before he staggers Marquez backwards again with clean connections, then drives into a knee strike to the body as Marquez is trying to stand back up against the cage.

Marquez might be too tough for his own good and gets dropped again soon after. Big elbows from Rodrigues and the ref should really have stopped this by now, but Marquez is back on his feet yet again and manages to catch Rodrigues with a punch that buckles his legs for a moment.

‘Robocop’ shrugs that off though and then fires off more big punches and this time Marquez isn’t going to get back up from the huge blow that puts him down for one final time, leading to a KO stoppage at 3.18mins of the first round.

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