Gregory Rodrigues TKO’s Chidi Njokuani In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 210

Gregory Rodrigues Received a brutal knee from Chidi Njokuani to the face in the first round of the co-main event at UFC Fight Night 210 that opened up a stomach-churning cut, but ‘Robocop’ somehow survived and went on to win the fight by TKO in the second round.

Round One:

Front kick to the body from Njokuani. Now a leg kick. He misses with another front kick. Solid calf kick for Rodrigues.

Another front kick to the body from Njokuani and then a leg kick. Rodrigues lands a leg kick of his own. Njokuani with a head kick attempt.

Rodrigues ducks into a takedown but eats a huge knee from Njokuani that backs him up. Rodrigues bleeding from that due to a deep cut right across the eyebrows, but somehow he survives and as Njokuani wades in he goes for a takedown attempt.

Njokuani defending and scrambles up. Rodrigues bleeding heavily but works for the takedown again. Njokuani back up again.

They look for strikes in close and then back up. Rodrigues with a nice punch, but then eats one in return that sends him backwards.

Front kick to the body for Rodrigues. Njokuani has the center of the Octagon and throws a kick upstairs but it comes up short.

Rodrigues with a heavy right hand and Njokuani staggers backwards across the Octagon. Rodrigues is the one wading forward now as he looks for more big punches.

Rodrigues into the clinch against the cage and lands a solid punch. Njokuani with a knee in close and breaks away.

Now it’s Njokuani who presses Rodrigues into the cage. They jockey for position against the cage. Body punch from Rodrigues and a knee from Njokuani. They continue to switch position against the cage. Knee to the body from Rodrigues. Njokuani looking for an elbow and Rodrigues lands a punch.

Round two:

The doctor took a look at that bad cut to Rodrigues and lets him continue but tells the ref the fight will have to be stopped if that gets any worse.

Rodrigues with punches and head kick attempt that he loses his balance off of. Njokuani looking for strikes in close.

Rodrigues pushing the action again now with heavy punches and then lands a very nice takedown. Rodrigues in half-guard here.

Rorigues starts dropping down powerful ground-and-pound, landing repeated right hands that quickly seem to take the fight of Njokuani and forces a TKO stoppage at 1.27mins of the second round!

That’s a huge statement-piece win for Rodrigues as the fight was so close to being stopped due to that horrible cut he had from eyebrow to eyebrow from the brutal knee Njokuani had landed in the opening round. Impressive!

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